Sunday, August 23, 2015

Husband and Wife

We Took Our Vows:

Sunday, August 16th, Andrew and I said "I do."

People asked me all weekend if I was getting nervous and now that we are married people ask how married life is going. Well, here is what I have been telling everyone.  No, I wasn't nervous about the wedding or marrying Andrew. I was slightly nervous I'd fall flat on my face in 2 inch heels walking down the aisle (which was grass). But, why would I be nervous to get married to Andrew. I've never had a doubt in my mind about him. I knew I wanted to marry him. We were  ready to be husband and wife and you just know when you are ready. So no, I wasn't nervous. And now that we are married I'd have to say life is similar to it was before we were married. People say "oh things change after you're married." But they didn't for us. I'm not sure if that's because we are open with each other, or have been through a lot early on in our relationship. Read this past post about our relationship and dating with CF here!

I met Andrew in August of 2012, we started dating in October. Since we started dating we have been through 3 moves to new cities, Andrew changed careers twice, I've been hospitalized 8 times, 2 for surgeries and the rest for lung infections/ GI complications. I had a triple hernia repair, stomach tube complications post removal. Andrew even had to carry me into the ER (I was passing out constantly) and I transported to a bigger hospital 2 hours away for that virus/infection. We weren't sure how I respond toinfection, but after a month I fought it off. Needless to say, most couples after only dating 2.5 years haven't been through that much. I think if you go through medical complications together it makes you tougher and tighter as a couple. So in a way I have to thank my Cystic Fibrosis and all the medical problems. They really do make you love life and live life to the fullest.

Even though I'd say life hasn't changed much post-wedding, I'd admit life seems happier or I feel luckier. I guess Andrew and I's wedding song (first dance song) says it all:

"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love in every way"

I think it was a pretty good sign we were meant to be, when we both had surprises planned at the wedding for each other. I had a surprise popcorn bar put together in the hall without him knowing, he LOVES popcorn!! Andrew's surprise for me was him singing a song with playing guitar to me at the reception (video to come later), I think he made most people in the room cry, it was simply so sweet. 

Our wedding was everything we had ever wanted. Our family and very closest friends there to share in our day. The ceremony was in the shade and had a nice breeze, our Pastor did a wonderful job, and the reception had tons of food. We had a brunch buffet with quiches, fresh fruit, strawberry and spinach salad, and a tomato-cucumber dill salad. Plus, we had 22 pies and 3 types of cake! Each table had its own pie centerpiece and we had chocolate w caramel, white w raspberry, and white with lemon filling cake too. Plus, mints and the popcorn bar! I will be posting pictures of the reception, the pie and vintage flowers were the perfect centerpieces for us! We LOVED them! Thanks to Homestead Flowers and Myrtles Cafe & Pie (make sure to send them love by "liking" them on FB at the links). Big thank you to my bridesmaids, parents, sister, Aunt & Uncles, friends who helped decorate, set up, tear down, and put everything away! Also, big thanks to Samantha for delivering the flowers to the local hospital so they could be loved and enjoyed longer. I had a couple out of state friends (Stacey & Michelle) who helped set up, and just run stuff in general. Our wedding went so smoothly, we got enjoy every bit. I've heard so many stories of people being stressed out and not enjoying their wedding, so thank you to all my family & friends who did the work so we could just enjoy our special day! We love you all!

Post Wedding:

We have been only married a week and we moved into our new place/ city on Wednesday (3 days post wedding). So I've pretty much unpacked everything and we are settled now! Whew. I'm meeting with the photographers later this week to get all of our pictures from the wedding too! Then I will be job hunting around the area. We are currently trying to figure out if Andrew can take off time for a vacation/ late honeymoon still. He's a manager at a brand new store that just opened two days after our wedding. So it's hard for him to have time off the first couple months. Which is okay, his career is important and we can go on a vacation once his store settled down more. 

I will be posting details about the wedding, the move, and complications with CF & marriage (like insurance) later this week, once I have more photos to post on facebook (this Thursday). But I wanted to give you all an update. Thank you for all your wishes and blessings you've been posting on Facebook and twitter.  Much Love!

Friday, August 7, 2015

An Empty Apartment

Just Boxes Everywhere:

There are boxes taking over the apartment.  So even though I still have more to pack and very little time left, I decided to get out and go for a morning walk! I missed my morning walks the last 3 days from packing so much and sleeping in a little (til 8:30). So I didn't jog at all or try to push it. I need energy for more packing and moving of boxes today! I did 1 mile over a nice 20 minute leisurely stroll around the lakes. It was pretty nice out too!

And of course now I'm doing meds while blogging :-) One of my favorite combos! I really want to be at my healthiest when I marry Andrew (read my "getting healthy plan" post here).  Getting married and moving all in the next two weeks. Crazy, looking back at myself in 2012 before I met him, I had no plans of getting married or even finding a boyfriend at the time. I really had always seen my CF as a road block in relationships. But Andrew has proved me wrong. Read his post about dating me, he explains what is like dating someone with CF. I think he's very honest about everything, but also sweet.  So make sure to read it, if you haven't (It's a Goodie).He's so amazing and I'm so proud of him. He works so hard and I'm beyond excited for his new job opportunity, but whew we are pretty busy getting ready for it all!

It's crazy to think Sunday morning we leave our apartment for good. I will just come back on moving day with my mom (and probably Uncle). While Ada and and Sunday we are back in our hometown area for the day. We have a wedding shower for Andrew's side and then a meeting with Pastor that afternoon. Then Sunday night Andrew and I will head out to bunk at my sister's place. Ada and I will leave her place Tuesday morning to return and stay in Princeton with my parents. We will be picking up my dress, doing my trial run of hair and make up, and whatever other little things need to be done.

Andrew will be staying at my sister's the whole week (until Friday before the Wedding). The day after our wedding he goes back to work at 6am, but thankfully it's a sunday afternoon wedding.

I'm ready to be married, I'm ready for the wedding. We have a few tidbits we have left to do, but nothing big. Any of the problems we did have, weren't too bad and we figured them out. What I'm not ready for is living out of a suitcase for two weeks. I have so many machines, meds, pills, etc to pack, it's hard to keep it all organized. I also really don't like messes or clutter. My suitcase gets sooo cluttered it drives me nuts! I hope I remember to pack everything I need for 2 weeks. We aren't really coming back so I'll be in trouble if I don't. I'll have to double check it tomorrow.

I'm just so excited for Andrew, I know he loves his job and really likes the company. Plus, it's not too far from family and friends. I really think it may be our last move (for at least a long time). 3 moves in 3 years is a lot, although I did move 5 times in 4 years in college.. So I'm a pro at packing boxes. LOL.

Oh and I'm still using the apps on my phone to help me count calories to gain weight and work out! I feel pretty healthy and that's my goal! To be a healthy bride and wife for Andrew :-)

Please bare with me, as there may not be any posts until the week after the wedding ( check back around the 18th). I promise to post some Wedding Photos on my Blog Facebook page though (click here to "like" it)!

But until then, here's a few engagement photos! I can not wait until August 16, 2015 for us to be married!

  Check back in little over a week to hear about our Wedding! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

More BIG News!

What a Month:

Not only have I started an uphill climb in health (read last post), but I had to make some decisions for my health (like whether or not to start Orkambi). I'm been really focusing on my meds, working out, and gaining weight! Also this month Andrew & I are getting married and I'm going to be starting a new job, once we are settled. And by settled, I mean MOVED! That's right we are moving. Ha, again. This is the 3rd move in 3 years, but thankfully this next move should be where we settle. Andrew is getting a nice promotion with a management title at a brand new store. The store he will be working at has its grand opening the day after our wedding. Since it is a brand new store he really felt it was an opportunity he couldn't turn down, since there will be more openings for him to move up with, plus steady hours in a location close to our families.

I'm not super thrilled about moving a third time, but I understand each time we have moved there have been good reasons (job or school). And it's worth it. It's crazy, we found out the opening was still available on Friday, by Wednesday they had hired him. They are still settling on his transfer. I do know he has to move there in the next 7-10 days to start work. Our lease ends this months, so we have 30 days to find a new place and get moved, all while getting married this month, and him working 14 hour days 6 days a week at the new job.

This is pretty much my life right now: Andrew brings home boxes from work and I pack them all day and deep clean our apartment while he is working, then he comes home we do some wedding stuff, or pack, or work-out. I'm hoping to have everything packed up in the next week, so that way no matter when Andrew moves I don't have to stay behind and keep packing. Living here alone, not knowing a single person, and packing...Doesn't sound ideal two weeks before our wedding.

Luckily, I've already gotten a lot packed in just 48 hours. I'm hoping to have it done by the 8th.

Pic: What I have packed so far.

Andrew can move to the new town (and crash at my sister's). I will live there and in Princeton mainly the week before the wedding. He has off Fri-Sun for our wedding weekend. Then after our wedding (about 6-7pm) we will drive to the new town that night to get a hotel room. The next morning Andrew goes to work at 6am, and I will go to my sister's. We will be living with her until we get moved into the new place. We applied at a couple complexes in the area and are hoping to move the weekend after wedding (21-23). He'll already be working, but I think my sister and I can manage everything pretty well.

I'm not the biggest fan of living in big towns or keen on the idea of moving an extra 2 hours away from my doctor. Now to get to his main office it will take 3 hours and to get to his extension office its 2 hours and 15 minutes and that's with good traffic...Plus my hospital is 2 and a half hours away too... I mean if there is an emergency I can go to the local hospital ( the new town actually has a CF Clinic) and I love the staff there. I used to go there as a child. But I love my current doctor.. and I don't know the doctors at the new town's clinic. I love the nurses and respiratory therapist there (who are same from when I was a child). BUT, doctors are the ones that make decisions about your health and my current doctor based out of Chicago is simply amazing. He reminds me of my first CF doc (Doc. C.) who I really loved. I also found a surgeon affiliated with my Doc's hospital who I trust. He did a fabulous job with my last two surgeries and he understands about CF. He even has Doc. B in his cell, in case he needs consult with an emergency during surgery. He said that he'd have Doc B ready in case my lungs have trouble with Anesthesia.  I trust them both to try their hardest to keep me alive and healthy. I'm not about to give that up. So ehhh doc appointment days may be long, but I threw all the negatives away and was actually okay with the idea of moving (Andrew wasn't sure what I would think)... after he followed up his case with " Just think living in the same town as your sister"... Bam. Sold. I'm on board.

I'm looking forward to it, while I love the small town we live in now and I'm not excited about a big city, there are smaller ones around it we can settle in. So now I just gotta focus on the move! Thank goodness I was organized about the wedding and had almost everything done way in advance.

Once I get an okay from one of the apartments and we get the move-in date, I will be even happier. That's all I'm waiting on now... well and I'm still packing of course...

What a month August will be! Can't wait to start married life off with Andrew in a new place, with his new job! So proud of him, he is simply amazing! Way to go on your promotion :-)