Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Catch Up!

I'm sorry it has been a MONTH since I blogged. I guess life got a little busy. I'm starting a clinical trial, but I can't tell you about that (signed a contract not to give details). But it is always exciting doing research. I am a BIG believer in doing what I can to try to further the Mission of finding a cure. On top of all my regular health stuff, Andrew and I have a lot of other things going on (good things). We were hoping to have it all established by now, so we can share our exciting news. Please be patient, I promise it is worth the wait. We have been attending 3 hours of classes a week and next week we have 6 hours of classes. It a lot to squeeze in when Andrew is working 80+ hours. He has been working more hours at Culvers. You may know my husband works full time at the new HyVee in our area as a manager, but he also works as a manager at the local Culvers.

To be honest, yes, we need the 2nd income. But he only has to work 10-15 hours extra.... not the 40 he is doing. But, he loves it. He really does love Culvers. Also, the extra money helps us with all the projects we have been doing at our house. (click here for more pictures/info). It's hard, but I grew up with my dad working two jobs for over a decade. So we just make sure we find a couple hours a week to watch a movie we have been wanting to see of make a nice meal together. I also stay up at night, so we can talk for 15 minutes while he is getting for bed.

Lately, I have been pretty busy too. I'm currently working with 2 clients to find a condos,  doing clinical research, keeping on top of my 4 hours of treatment a day, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and even working on the house projects. We have a timeline and need to finish our home projects by the end of this month. Yipes! Plus, it is great strides season.

I'm nervous about the Princeton Walk. We haven't had any press or articles yet. I know the local paper is going to be printing one soon though. Although our overall numbers are down a bit. I'm hoping a lot of my family & friends just haven't registered and are coming (like they have the last 3 years). This is the Priceton CF Walk's 4th year! We'd love to raise over $15,000 and I'd love to have it steadily reach $20,000 a year eventually. We have raised $50,000 since 2014 so far!

Please consider sharing the facebook event (here), walk at the event, become a virtual walkers & raise money, or even donate to our event!  Sign up or donate here!

This event means a lot to me! My first year hosting it I remember that Laura was so proud! She was my motivation for hosting it. I wanted to do everything I could to make her happy, to encourage her to hold on longer,  and to help find a cure. While, Laura passed away a few months after the walk, she never was negative or felt bad for herself. She was positive right up to the end and focused on keeping me positive. While she was struggling at below 15% lung function, she was motivating me to keep jogging & work to keep my function in the 60s. She was the most selfless, loving, positive person I know. AND I made a promise to her to keep up with my effort and never stop fighting. So I will fight. Every SINGLE day. Not just for her, but for myself, and everyone else. I will live to see CF cured.

So thank you everyone who has helped us with the Princeton Walk!!! <3 It really does mean everything to me.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I'm determined more than ever now! I had CF Clinic on Tuesday. If you didn't get to see our vlog that Andrew & I made afterwards, check it out on YouTube here!

So yes, we are pretty happy about the step up in lung function and my stable weight. It doesn't mean I can slack on meds or stop trying so hard. There is no break with Cystic Fibrosis. But a good clinic gives us hope. Andrew & I hang onto every good clinic we can. Especially since lately my health has been a yo-yo, always going up & down. I'm hoping to break that cycle and continue upward.

I want to work my hardest during my nebulizer treatments. Believe it or not, even though I do them all, I get os used to them that sometimes I forget to breath them in. I put them in my mouth and start chewing the mouthpiece and breathe through my nose. I don't even realize I'm doing it. It's a horrible habit. I'm also excited it is warm out again!

That means I can start walking (and trying to jog) more often. I am preparing for my first 5k of the year on April 22nd! AND it is a 5K for Cystic Fibrosis near where I live. If you live in Central Illinois make sure to check it out! More info is on their facebook page HERE!

I'm also going to get back involved with the PiYo class in town and even start working out as much as I can.

As Dr. K said "this is only step towards 60%" -which is the ultimate goal. Also he would like me to reach 115 pounds. I am hesitant, considering how short I am, but I made a bargain to gain it. He made a good point that I can gain muscle & gain it slowly. I do agree I need to be at my healthiest!

And I haven't forgotten about those surprises I said we have to announce soon!!  Keep tuned...

 For everyone celebrating Easter, I hope it is a beautiful Easter!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lots of NEW & BIG Changes in our House!

Lately, I have been posting A LOT about CF. Yes, this is a blog about my life with Cystic Fibrosis. and yes, CF affects almost every aspect of my life. BUT... It is not my whole life. So I wanted to take some time to talk to you about the non-CF stuff that has been going on.

We have a lot of exciting news to share with everyone.

First of all, we have been very busy lately updating our house a bit. We bought our bungalow in June of last year (2016). It had a lot of the rooms that needed a bit of TLC. The original wood, doors, windows, floors made it all worth it.  We tackled the living room & dining room first. Yes, we still have a few things to add & do in those rooms, but overall I'm very happy with how they turned out:



We are currently updating our bedroom and the bathroom this week! Pictures coming soon! I promise! Next, we will be turning our 3rd bedroom (from it's current laundry room state) back into a bedroom. Then we will updating our 2nd bedroom too! These will all be done before end of May!!!

Otherwise, Work is going okay. I had another closing last week! So far I have been primarily working with first-time home buyers and I love it. I love being able to help someone purchase their first home. For Andrew and I we hope our first home turns into our forever home! I'm expanding with work and doing more workshops over the summer. I recently earned more certifications, which I will be posting those on my business facebook page soon! I've been really focusing on helping people find agents where they live.  My referring an agent to someone in another state, costs that person no money. Plus, I find them an agent that fits their needs & they feel comfortable working with. I did quite a few referrals in 2016 and hope to double that number in 2017. So if you need an agent where you live, contact me (Cheriz Kunkel, Jim Maloof Realty) on my FB page!

There are lots of other big surprises being announced in the next 2 months but we have to wait to share them!

Hint: Work and Family related.

Also, I'm currently working on a new blog site. I love my blog. VERY much, but I have a husband now. It's not just my life, it's OUR life. Also, our lives are much more than just CF. While CF is probably the biggest contributor to my blog, we would love to expand it to talk about Andrew & I's life together. Focusing CF, Work, Home, Life, and everything in between! I will have a lot of upcoming posts about this, when we are ready to navigate to the new site!

Also, we road tripped to Carmel/Indianapolis, IN on Tuesday-Wednesday. I gave presentation about CF to high school students. They asked a lot of great questions & I was happy to educate them on CF, the CFF, my life, and our mission for a cure! I will be posting it on YouTube in the next few days!  While in Indiana, we toured the James Whitcomb Riley Home and we ate a few really good restaurants. We like to always tour a historic home and eat at "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" restaurant when we travel. We were thrilled to do both!

It was our 5th Triple D Restaurant & our 3rd historic building together (I've been to quite a few more than he has...). We had a great mini-trip!

We even managed to have my Orkambi shipped directly to the amazing Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at. This will be our last overnight trip for 2017 most likely. But we hope to do other day trips in the summer!

I will keep everyone updated on the big news in the next few months & will let you all know how my CF Clinic on April 11th went!