Sunday, February 12, 2012

First blog: Hello

My first Blog: A little About Me

I'm not sure why I have decided to start a blog, however, here I am.  I have honestly thought about writing about my life for years, but have always chickened out. I have finally decided to share the experiences life has thrown at me.

The biggest reason I have been asked to blog by people is because of everything I have dealt with medically. I have Cystic Fibrosis and a few other medical problems...This is probably the best reason why I should blog. I can relate to others who are dealing with medical problems, however,my CF is also why I did not want to write this blog. CF can be embarssing and annoying sometimes... but it  has helped define who I have become to be as a person. Therefore, (yes, even though I want it cured) I don't hate having CF.

Let me start off with some basic info and statements.

I'm 26 yrs old and have dealt with CF all my life. In this blog you will hear recent stories (good, bad, embarassing); and sometimes I will blog about past experiences ( like the time I shoved a styrofoam cup up my nose... don't ask).

I will constantly call myself a CFer ( a person with CF), even though it is not PC...Technically, I should write a person with CF, however I don't think  CFer has a bad connotation, I wear my CF proudly like a badge... and it's shorter and I'm lazy. Take your pick.

Big Outcomes/ Big Decisions ...

It seems everything in my life is "pending" right now.
1. I've applied to Grad School, but don't know if I did for the right program
2. I finally, at the age of 26, I got my DNA mapped, but don't find out for a few weeks which mutations I have...

If I have the G551D mutation, there is a new drug called Kalydeco, which specifically targets a faulty gene and its protein product, CFTR.

If I don't get into grad school, then I have to figure out what to do (career wise) and what my next steps are; however, I'm just as anxious about my DNA mapping!

What do I do to keep my mind off it?

Keep busy. work, work, work. work and design websites... and read. That has been what I do in my free time for the last month. Which is why I have decided to finally start a blog.