Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day

        Valentines Day...

I'm not sure how many of my friends are (or aren't) celebrating Valentines Day. And oddly, thinking back...I don't think I have ever had a boyfriend during Valentines Day..  I realized the majority of my relationships ended a few weeks before it.. not that it matters, because we all know the best part of Valentines Day is Brach's Candy Hearts!

This year I have decided to celebrate Valetines Day with a best friend of mine. We do dinner once a week usually, and I figured why not Valetines Day.

I'm excited to make dinner ( I have sundaes planned for dessert, with homemade raspberry sauce, and heart sprinkles)!

I'm also thinking of making chocolate/raspberry milkshakes (mine would be super high calorie of course)... I add my calories after my friend has her's poured.

CF TIP: If you want to make a high calorie drink but are sick of milkshakes, because lets face it from birth, our doctors, nurses, and nutritionists are shoving milkshakes down our throats...  HOWEVER,  I love an Orange Julius! Pour some orange juice, add lots of ice cream, small bit of vanilla extract, then add a packet of instant carnation breakfast (vanilla flavor) & after its all done I pour a little heavy whipping cream in there too for extra calories -> you can't tell its in there. Very Yummy!