Saturday, March 31, 2012

Um Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers in Reverse?

I didn't even realize that I had started to count calories. I was talking with a friend who is currently participating in Weight Watchers, when I realized I count calories too. I started to count calories in college (because I would lose track of time and forget to eat meals). At the end of the day I would make up the amount of calories that I need in order to gain weight (or maintain if I'm at my goal weight).

I eat the regular 3 meals a day and I snack quite often too;  you're probably thinking "why can't she gain weight"? However, on top of my digestive problems due to my Cystic Fibrosis, I dislike fatty and sugary foods too.

I love pickles, grapefruit, pretzels, cereal, yogurt, etc. Even the food I cook tends to be healthier and less calories (prefer broth to creams, etc)...

Therefore, I force myself to make a certain number of calories per meal and snack. Then I make up my calories I didn't eat during the day by drinking ensure, smoothie, or high calorie orange julius, or eating a high cal. snack I love.

[On top of eating, I also do 1,000 cals a night via my stomach tube]

So those of you trying to gain weight and don't want to just suck down scandi shakes, boost, ensure, etc. Just eat more qauntity of the food you love to reach your calories quota!

Good Luck and Happy Weight Gaining!

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