Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where could my Vitamin D be? O Where, O Where Can it Be?

Where did the Vitamin D go?

I had my quarterly CF appointment, which is usually just refered to as "Clinic". It was a great, but a weird appt. I found out my DNA Mutations. There are 44 common Mutations and I was tested for those only at this time. I found out I have two copies of the Delta F508. (for news on updates on drug research for mutations check out!)

Not only did I found out my mutations, but Dr. B thinks my joint/hives problem is Arthritis related to my CF, so I think that may be figured out finally!!!!

AND BEST OF ALL... I gained 5 lbs and now weigh 101 lbs! I also brought my FEV1 up to 57% from 54% and all of this in the last 3 months!

The only problem was my lack of Vitamin D, apparently Dr. B's script was for enough Vitamin D for a Cow! But after two weeks of taking this much  I still had NO vitamin D in my system... Dr. B goes " where is it going?" I'm going to take the huge dose of Vitamin D again for two weeks and get retested...Hopefully it will solve itself, the mystery continues...

and in the next few weeks I will start walking/jogging regularly...we'll see how that goes/ and how long that