Saturday, May 26, 2012

5 Good Things About My Hospital Stays!

5 Random Things about St. Francis Hospital

In another CFer's Blog they were complaining about the hospital, so here are some positives about my Hospital Stays!

1. The Veiw: Whenever I was admitted to the hospital I asked for G115 for my room. It had a big window sill and was the best veiw on the floor; it over looked the main part of Peoria and was a great veiw of  The Hotel Pere Marquette! I thought it was gorgeous and I used to dream about what it looked like on the inside. If it was that beautiful at night all lit up...

 2. Holidays, in the hospital: My favorite  was Halloween! The Game Room Staff would throw a party, we would wear costumes, Cookie Bannon would sing for us, and we got to go door to door getting candy from adult patients! I remember one year there was this boy who was stuck in bed (due to having both legs busted, along with other complications. And the nurses put a gaint cardboard cut out of a race car on the sides of his bed and wheeled his bed to the party! I think I was a witch in a bubbling cauldren that year ( sprayed my hair straight out, had a cauldron around me with polyfill hanging out)!

3. Wheelchair races: We had the best wheelchair races. I always raced Kevin, he never went easy on me because I was girl. and we would start at one end of the hallway, go 12 rooms down to this narrow (1 "lane" hallway) right before the elevators and go back down on the other side of the hallway. So you had to go fast at the beginning and try to cut the other off before the narrow hallway, only chair could fit, sometimes we'd crash, but usually we made it to the finish and I even one sometimes! (Although once I did get my IV caught in wheel which yanked it out)

4. SCHOOL/BINGO: When we (CFers /other long term patients) were in the hospital we had to go to school, it was down the hall outside of the Peds Unit. So It thought it was cool that I got to go to school. Danny would walk to my room and we'd go together. Well during the day I made my mom play Bingo ( the hospital does Bingo games on Tues Mornings) and then if you win you call in the numbers and the prize cart comes around during lunch. I always wanted to play Bingo  (and to this day I still REALLY LOVE BINGO)! lol. I didn't get to play during the week cuz of going to "school", so I made mom for me. Once a Nurse found out about me loving Bingo and got it so that Danny and I got to call the numbers and write the numbers on the board on the TV.

5.  My Parents: Each one was different when they stayed with me, but each had their own special thing we did.  I would ask my mom to play hours of video games, because it was way better than movies and she kicked butt at them. Whereas, Dad loved  taking walks around the hospital. Through the slightly downhill underground colored hallway/tunnel, the glass tunnel that ran along the outside of the building, through the pharmacy ( where he'd buy me a candy) then up by the lab, across the skywalk, through the cafeteria for his coffee and back to the room.

Well before we knew it was bad for CFers to be around each other, my Dad became "the Dad" on the floor. Of most of my really good CF friends, my parents were the only ones who stayed. One even said "I think of it as a vacation away from them and the complications". We started asking CF parents to sign him in as someone who was allowed to take the kids off the floor. My dad would take all of us at once with our IV poles all over the hospital, let us race in the colored tunnel and buy us all candy bars. We were like the CF Gang or something. My parents were not only there for me, but for all my friends too!

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