Monday, May 28, 2012

Caught in the Rain!

Storms/Rain   fun fact: When I was little I used to run around the house during storms singing "thunder, thunder, thunder CATS!"

Front and Back veiw

If I'm not going somewhere nice (where I have to look professional) I am okay with being outside and it starting to downpour. I acutally love storms! I'm usually the person standing outside taking pictures when a warning is being issued. My uncle is a storm chaser and I have ALWAYS wanted to go with, however he lives 40 mins away...

So storms don't usually bother me and tonight I am thankful for the storm we are having tonight BECAUSE...

while out on my nightly jog with my friend Sarah, we got caught in the rain, so we started jogging (we were 1 mile away from her house, literally half way...)

Nothing shaves 10 mins off your jogging time like the rain and spotting lightning in the distance... HAHAHA!

I now know that I can push myself a lot harder than I have been, we just proved it. 10 minutes faster, gosh.

Now to find a large, unleashed, mean looking dog to chase us...

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