Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Circle of Dreams

The Circle of Dreams
Every little kid has a dream, to go somewhere, meet someone, have something... I had the privilege of being granted a dream by the Central Illinois Dream Factory! I was 10 yrs old when they came to my house to ask me what I wanted..

She asked " Cheriz, what one thing do you want most in world?"

I respond" a Mr. Potato Head Pillow!"

She goes" Cheriz, anything bigger, something for the yard, go on a trip, meet anyone?"

I go " You MEAN I CAN HAVE A COMPUTER? They have them at school and it is my favorite thing and I have been saving all my money for one (I ran down and brought out my "doggy" bank and showed her)"

She goes " Sure and what games do you like?"

I recevied a computer, desk, printer, ink, and about 30 games (Oregon Trail, Math Munchers, Juliard Music, etc)

Now fast forward 16 yrs later. I attend the Annual Dream Factory Party in December quite often, the CIDF hosts it for all the dream children and their families. I love watching the kids light up when they get their faces painted and receive gifts. I love volunteering and even though its a little commute, I decided to see if the CIDF needed volunteers or help with anything. I'm not a kid anymore, I'm nearly 30 years old. Why attend the party when I can volunteer at it!

And this last Christmas I asked the Vice President if they needed help with events and she responded " do you know anything about Web design..."

So when I was 10  CIDF gave me a dream (a computer, which sparked my love for computers) and I now design and manage CIDF's website! How cool is that. Plus, I have made some amazing friends in the CIDF.

Last month I granted my first dream to a child, a 13 yr old with Cancer! He got a shoppping spree at Best Buy!

I feel very fortunate to be part of a organization that gives joy and hope to so many kids! The CIDF brought me such joy during the most difficult time in my life ( I had just lost a best friend to CF) and I try to give back to the chapter that gave to me.

Make sure to give their facebook some love & "like" it.

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  1. That is awesome! I know I haven't seen you in a while, but I will try to follow your blog a little more closely ;) How was Great Strides, by the way?