Friday, May 4, 2012

Internet, Exercise and Magnum PI

Internet, Exercise and Magnum PI

I haven't been online much. However, I got the internet finally set up correctly at my apartment. I have been working a lot on my Real Estate work, I'm trying to finish everything and take my licensing exam in June.

Other than working, and doing hmwk, I have belive it or not committed to the "work out everyday" rule so far. My friend and I started out walking, now we are jogging/walking 2- 2.5 miles each day. Eventually I want jogging to become a hobby or daily routine that I ACTUALLY enjoy.'s not that bad. The first day jogging was kind of tough, but it's true... the more you run the easier it becomes...

I also have decided since my last Clinic went so well, I should really try to stay on top of doing all my treatments and see just how much lung function I can gain by July! During all (4 morning, 2 afternoon, and 3 Evening nebs)my treatments I normally read. Lately though I have been watching Magnum PI episodes. I need to get season 3 though...

At the top of the screen it says the date it aired (early 1980s) and I remembered my mom telling me she would rush home from work on Tuesdays to watch Magnum! She nevered missed it. It''s weird knowing at exactly 6pm on those dates on the screen that my mom watched the same show I was about to watch!

That's all for now. We'll see if the work pays off in July at my next Dr.'s Appt!