Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National CF Awareness Month!

National CF Awareness Month!

May has been declared National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. I look at this month as an opportunity to share my story and spread awareness of CF.

If you look at my facebook page... you can tell during the Month of May I stay a little focused on CF.

Why? and Isn't it depressing? No.

Yes, it is sad thinking back to memories with friends with Cf that have passed; however, that is EXACTLY why May is so important to spread the awareness of how CF affects us.

I think of all the time I spend pushing CF awareness (esp. in the month of May) is for all of my friends who have passed away, its their memory that motivates us to make sure future generations with Cf have a better chance from the start!

 Losing friends to CF, and not being able to see the ones that are alive ( due to bacteria spreading-its frowned against)is tough, the toughest aspect of CF. I would love to see my friend Laura, but we both know it is better to not be around each other.

We write alot, FB, email, etc. I'm looking forward to Skyping soon with her!