Thursday, May 31, 2012

Um..Need to clear my head.

I was having a good day, it was one of my babysitting girl's bdays! We went for ice cream, I hung out with a friend and watched "Game of Thrones". I really liked it and I'm hoping to watch more this wknd.

Then I logged onto Facebook to see that my best friend Laura (with CF) is down in lung function, on oxygen at night and her doctor is putting her on the Transplant list.

I have lots of thoughts going through my head the MAIN one is "Please let her get a Tx soon, heal well and fast, and live her full life, they way she deserves to! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!"

I can't imagine how she must feel, I know I'm sad knowing she is at point she needs one, but HAPPY she will get on the list! Happy, Sad, Scared, Excited. How do I feel..?

The worst part is knowing that she is pain. I just want to take all that away, give her some good n plentys (one of our fave candy), kiss her on the forehead, tell her I love her, and that before she knows it she will have new lungs, lungs where she can, jog, bike, climb rock walls, do whatever she wants to!

Laura, I know you will read this: Remember after the Tx you will feel soooo much better! I know it is scary, but that is why you have family and friends to support you! Just try to look past the scary and the see the beautiful chance you have to start over! Its like a rainbow after the storm!


  1. Hi there Cheriz - it's nice to "meet" you! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I've had a few good friends go that route, and it is REALLY hard to feel so helpless in that situation! I'll send some prayers for you and her. I've added your blog to the CF Blogroll and look forward to reading more from you!

  2. It is just waiting now, her evaluation, t osee if/how much her stats go lower, then to actually get the lungs.. Waiting is the worst part. BUT she is a trooper! THANKS fo adding mt othe the CF Blogroll!