Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Awesome Chipmunk Choir

Doctors Appointment..

It's so Clinic ( or Doc appt, Since Dr. B hates the term "clinic", ever since he quit the clinic and started a Private Practice)... 

He wanted me to gain weight & improve on lung function...easy...ha ha.

He broke it down into do all nebs, the VEST (which is what I tend to skip), and start jogging or biking etc...

I have been doing very good with my morning med routine, but night routines..I skip a few, not gonna lie. However, that is why I have been blogging more and on FB more... I can type and read a computer screen while doing my nebs and vest..

Why do I skip my vest? Its hilarious, it makes no sense to skip it. You see incase you don't know
what I'm talking  bout....           (This black vest inflates and shakes me)

Yep, it shakes me. So I know lots of CFers who sing while doing their vest, it makes our voices sound high pitched and weird...
(I'm not one of them....*whistles & tries to look innocent)

Seriously I shuold post one on Here is one I found..
She reminds me of myself at that age!

(I'm a bit of a movie nut, so forgive me) BUT you know in My Best Friend's Wedding... the day of the Wedding in the background of the one scenes, there's a shot of 3 guys singing harmony after sucking in some balloons' helium.... ---> kinda sounds like that...

So have you heard of  "The Virtual Choir" that Eric Whitacre formed?

 I think he should have a choir with all people (CFers, Asthmatics, etc) who use the vest, to perform! Ha ha ha. It would sound hilarious. And yes, you can do harmony while shaking in the vest. It has been done before...

Meds done, I'm going to bed!

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