Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keeping Me on My Toes!

Little bit of Chaos, no big deal, that's normal.

Today, I took my last dose of 50,000 Units of Vitamin D. This means today I needed to get my Vitamin D levels checked. I go to pull out the order for the lab test from my Med drawer in the kitchen and there's no order...

[Time 10:30am]What? I keep every new order, script, and meds all there... Receipts, insurance info, Clinic papers I keep in my file box. There is no way I lost it. That's when it occurred to me that the nurse sent the Vit. D order and never sent me the lab order.

[Time 10:40am] Shoot, I need to get to Mobile Meals. I rush to Mobile Meals ( different portion of the hospital), use the phone at disptach to call registration desk. copy the fax number down, while driving to the first person's home to give them their meal, I call Dr. B's office. I tell them I need the order sent to Perry today. (Note: I had no way of getting hold of my old doctor between Fridays at 4pm and Mondays at 9am... )

[Time 11:45] Done delivering meals and chatting with my ederly friends. I drop off Mobile Meals delivery bag and head to registration. Where Emily (she is the Registrar) tells me she hasn't received it and that the lab closes at 1pm.

(Yes, in lil ol' Princeton, IL our hospital Lab closes at 1pm on Saturdays..our "sidewalks roll up at 9pm", and on Sundays the few restuarants in town are packed after church, because every congregation goes out to eat)

[Time 11:47] Emily tells me if I need to run and do stuff, she can call my cell when the order comes in.. I leave to go throw my laundry in the dryer, cuz I need clothes for rehearsal tomorrow and a friend was coming over at 2pm.

[Time: 12:15] I decide to call Dr. B's again and drive back to the hospital. Dr. B's office didn't realize the lab closed at 1 pm.

[Time 12:30] At hospital, just waiting on the order to be faxed.

{Time: 12:45] Fax arrives, registers, goes to Lab, has blood drawn!

SUCCESS!!!!!!!! (now, fingers crossed it looks good at my clinic next week!)

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