Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Final Stretch

The Final Stretch

I have my "Clinic" (quarterly CF Doctor's visit) in 9 days!!! I found my Doctor last year and this April was my first complete year with him! [check out my charts of health on my "Clinics" page to see the upward trend in health starting!] He really wants me to do well and his positive attitude towards CF has really  inspired me to try really hard to do the best I can! I've always strived for what I wanted (theatre, career goals, etc), but when it came to my health (I did what was needed)... This meant doing the "majority" of my meds, but putting lots of needed stuff on hold.

Examples: I would get home from play practice, not make my stomach feeding or not do my night nebs, because I was too tired. AND Weekend trips, whether with a youth group or friends, I wouldn't pack my meds. This continued through my college years.

That has all changed now. I refuse to let other things get in they way. When I'd skip one night, I couldn't see a big difference the next day and so I convince myself one more night....and it spirals out of control, until I'm sick and its too hard/ hurts to do meds.

So, I can say since having Dr. B, I have honestly put my health first. I want to be the healthiest I can be! I want to have a career that I can work hard at and kids I can be healthy for. I want to run after them, play baseball with them, etc. And lung functin takes time to bring up, so I made the decision last year to try really hard, no EXCUSES and to see what I can do!

And I find additional motivators along the way, running the 5K with my Uncle Dan in the Fall, even writing this blog helps hold me accountable.

BUT my main one is the Amazing Race(my favorite TV program). Now, I know, I will almost 100% likely get tossed from the pile right away, due to medical problems. The only medical problem they really had on the show was Asthma... So CF, would look risky to them.

But I love the show, I love the idea of traveling, and I'm a goal/ challenge motivated person, so it fits perfect. Dr. B said I had to get my weight up, my FEV1% up, and be able to jog a couple miles... and I have 9 days to prove to him I did it and can do it! I know the reality of my situation and the chances to get on the show are slim. But if I can get Dr. B to consent to it, that means he thinks I could do it and THAT ITSELF is pretty much a win worth more than any money.  

And now, to convince my sister to audition with me....and kick CF's booty at Clinic!

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