Friday, June 15, 2012

Grad Schools & Buildings

I have been thinking about visiting U of I again, which led to me thinking about Grad Schools.

I have posted some pics of campus at U of I.

The last few weeks I have been looking into all the different grad schools I could attend. I found two in Illinois that I like and a couple in other states. Just trying to figure out which is right for me is tough.

The picture to the right, is of my friend Sarah and I. We are at Atgeld Hall at U of I. Fav. building #1. It is made of sandstone and most of it has been blackened over the years duue to pollution. Isn't that nice.. Plus this building has serious history, bell towers, a gargoyle ( anyone watch that show growing up?)...                                                                   

Most people choose what Grad School  based on which has the best on program. However, that would probably mean me leaving Illinois. And honestly after undergrad school, I realize going out of state could be fun. But it's a little tricky... I could still get my meds and no matter where I go there will be hospitals. But, not Dr. B! And I really don't want anyone else, I truely believe he is the best. However, he told me has patients from all over, some fly in twice a year to see him. So... I could schedule my doctor appointments around holidays...

My 2nd favorite building. The Geology building. Not only did I spend 3 years studying in this building, but a person can spend hours staring at all the posters, fossils, etc. (the museum part is being renovated)

If I get sick, it would be hard, being by myself, no doc, no family, etc. However, I haven't been on IVs/sick in two years!!!! And I haven't been in the hospital since 08!

So cheers to that I think. So I'm applying to one school in IL (I really like), one in IL as a back up, and two out of state (that I really like)! I started to get everything put together. The programs don't start until Jan., which gives me time to finish my Real Estate License, focus on health, save money, and other odds and ends!

My third and final favorite building is Harkrider Hall, and only for its beautiful slate roof. Seriously, it is gorgeous. And even though H. Hall looks small in comparison to the Geology buildng (above)and the Union, which sits in between, its symmetry makes it just as grand looking. It is small and mighty at the same time... (kinda my motto in life being 5'2, 103 lbs.)

Also, tomorrow I deliver Mobile Meals :-) they always put a smile on my face!

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