Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laura/Lara- two amazing gals

Laura and Lara

Today, was a pretty normal day. Work, Meds, Jog, Blog. Instead of jogging, we walked 2.5 miles. (which I recorded in my spreadsheet and I will be doing data analysis later using all the variables I can come up with...) But here is the more EXCITING part of my day:

I was asked a week ago to be a guestblogger for  Lara's Blog. She is climbing  Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness & funds for CF in memory of her best friend Emma! I hope everyone goes to her blog and wishes her good luck!

She posted my introduction and guestblog today!!! So check it out Right HERE!
Lara, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping find a cure for CF!

AND then there is Laura ( a different Laura), she is my best friend. Laura has CF too (we met when we were really young)!!! I know she has been going through a tough time. But she is the one who got me invovled in CF awareness! My first CF fundriaser was in 2008 at a CF Walk that Laura told me I should do... and I have been doing them ever since!

So Laura, here is some more inspiration for you!

or for Laura's Video Click below!

Well, time to make my stomach feeding and head to bed...

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  1. Loved having you do a guest post for my blog. Thank you again! I look forward to reading your updates and daily happenings. I will definitely keep you posted with news of how the big summit goes. Wishing you and your friend Laura all the very best!