Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Dad Deserves More Than 1 Day!

Happy Fathers' Day to ALL the Fathers out there!

I wanted to post a list to why I'm sooo thankful for my dad (its faster, bit more fun, and I gotta get ready for my Dad's Cookout still)!!!

Top 15 (10 isn't reasons Dad should get more than a day of celebration:

15. He loves meeting people, making friends, and is quite social.
14. When something goes wrong, he is the person that can say the right thing to make me smile :-)
13. Is always honest.
12. Few yrs ago, he gave me HIS car, (so i could get back and forth to work/play practices) He rode his bike to work and back (he enjoys it too tho)
11. Best Sense of Humor!
10. He never complains, ever!
9. Growing up my Dad worked 6am-3pm at one job and 4:30-10pm at another.
8. Dad still managed to go to 99.9% of my performances
7. He is the least judgemental person ever, he talks to & helps everyone!
6. He is a pro at making doctors, insurance companies, & hospitals do what needs to be done!
5. When he has extra days left he can take off work, he uses them to work on the Farm (helping out Grandpa & my Uncle).
4. Even with all the stress from Medical bills, procedures,etc. People will still tell you he is the funniest and most sincere guy. (My friends call him "Da Man")
3. He helps neighbors with cutting trees, picking up after storms, taking out trash cans, etc.
2. When I was growing up, he'd save his Vacation days to spend them in hospital room, sleeping on a cot. :-(
1. I know I can always count on him, He'd do anything for my Mother, my Sister, and I.

Truely,  I am very thankful for my Dad, he is the most respectful, loyal, hard-working person I know!
Love you, Dad!


  1. Cheriz, You are right.
    Your Dad is one of a kind
    and we are lucky to have him.

  2. Your dad is totally awesome! If he were here right now, I would give him a hug. What a man!!

    Your cuz, Julie

    1. Yep, he's the best. :-)Glad you got to read it!