Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nervous Nelly...

Yipes, uh oh...

My Groshong Mediport has been bothering me lately. I figured, eh. But it's supposed to be flushed with saline every month...and It's probably been 10 months. My port is in my chest. My doctor was a genius and while other people have there's up higher on there chest/shoulder area. Mine is tucked away and hidden. People don't even know I have it. I can hook up IV's run them under my shirts and into my purse, where I have a portable pump! Nobody notices!

Ports don't usually have long life spans before they cause problems..and I have had mine since 1997. Which might mean changing it out.  I feel like a disgrace to the CF Community and pathetic by saying this (considering how many surgeries I have already had) but:

I DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH SURGERY, expecially one where they take out and re-insert a catheter in my jugular.

 I hope it just flushes and feels better. I wish I could flush it myself, I change my own feeding tube when I need to a new one, I do my own IV meds, I'm pretty sure I could take my own blood if they'd let me :-)

 Once I even put a Nasogastric Tube (NG Tube) down my own nose (you insert through nose and run it down the back of your throat into your somtach). I did it out of spite.

[a side track story (I sidetrack a lot), it is about the most scary & frustrating night in my life]

I was away at college, when my intestines twisted into knots;I knew they weren't going to come undone. I had to call an ambulance from the dorm. My doctor (not the "content one" the one before him, who I loved) told them to transfer me right away. They kept me overnight and wouldn't transfer me. They said first I had to have an IV and an NG tube in. After they almost gave me morphine (which I'm deathly allergic too) I had little faith in them. I told the nurse she wasn't putting an IV in my port and to do a regular IV. She missed my vein so many times, I was just getting ticked off (and I'm usually cool with Nurses practicing on me). She finally got to the NG tube. And she kept saying all smug like "See, it's easy, look how nicely its going in"... (All while, I'm letting the tubing gather in my mouth, just to prove my point. I then opened my mouth and let it fall out) My Mom was shocked. lol.  The nurse wanted to do it again. I said "good gravy no, give it to me" I forced it down my throat (I just wanted Dr. Chatrath) At this point, I would have given anything for him. I got transfered and rushed into emergency surgery after I arrived. Annoying nurse. That hospital almost cost me my life. Thank God, for Surgeons like Dr. Vagunta!

Maybe, I won't need my mediport fixed, ts just annoying not knowing. But if I do I hope I get a good surgeon like Vagunta! :-)

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