Saturday, June 23, 2012

Packing it on and figuring it out!

Packing it on and figuring it out.

I used the same pronoun to represent two different objects. It seems wrong to do that, but it leaves some mystery... did it work? are you curious?

As you might have guessed the first "it" refers to my weight. Yep, I'm gaining weight. 105 lbs. yay! I'm sooo excited to show/tell Dr. B next week! Although, I do think its all in my legs. Now that I have been walking/jogging every night, I have noticed my legs have gotten quite a bit thicker (this is a good thing). I'm don't think my legs fall in the "chicken legs" category anymore.

Now!                                                                                         2009
you be the judge...

Now, compare them to Fall 2009...
(sorry its a poor quality picture)
I know, I gotta keep working on it..

AND I blame my dad for "skrony legs" genes.  But at least they are better than they were... yipes!

And the 2nd "it" refers to medical insurance/laws.  I'm researching insurance plans/laws in mulitple states/countries amd seeing how CFers pay for all their Meds. I'm very foruntate that I can still be on my Dad's insurance (which covers 100% including clinical trials, etc). However, I want to figure it all out now, so if/when I'm no longer on my Dad's insurance I can make sure I can afford all my meds and don't have to make sacrifices like "Oh, I will never order my Cayston, because it costs $5,000 a month."

Dear CFers,
Please look into Patient Assistance programs like The CF Patient Assistance Program through the CF Foundation.  For more info click here!'

It's interesting how much difference there is for CF patients between states and countries.
 Some states don't have a single Cf Clinic!!!

Some patients in other countries are still fighting to get Kalydeco!
(for info on Kayledeco click here.

For info on the Quest for Kalydeco in other countries check out their Facebook Page : Quest for Kalydeco  or  follow them on Twitter @QuestKalydeco!
No matter where we live we should support everyone on fighting for the medications that they deserve!

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