Thursday, June 28, 2012

Update on how my CF appt went..

I had my CF appointment today!

As you all know my goal was 105 lbs. (up from 101) and I wanted lung function to go up 3% (up to 60%).

My actual outcomes were 107 lbs and 58%. I gained 6 lbs. and 1 percent lung function over the last two months... Dr. B could see the disappointment in my face and replied "Its in the right direction, this is good. Very good". AND he is right. Its hard to gain lung function, but sooo easy to lose it. If I gained even 1% per every 2 months.. I could get 6% in a year and be at my (first set) goal of 70% in 2 yrs.  (chart of progress of weight and lung function Click here!)

Dr. B is a huge advocate for running and exercise...his practice even has the word EXERCISE in the title...LOL. So he was quite happy I took his advice on jogging/walking. He asked me how I liked it and I realized that I really do enjoy it. I feel like I can breathe better the days I jog, etc. At first it was hard...but seriously advice to the CFers or anyone really...stick with it. It is worth it!

And in case you read my last blog and are curious about my ?s I asked:

-I'm seeing a surgeon to look at my mediport (there is a medication they might be able to put through it, so I don't have to have surgery to replace it and he will also change/give me the new type of "mini" g-tube )(Yay!!!!!)
-My Vitamin D went up from 14 to 25... So another 3 wk round of high does Vit. D.. He wants it to at least 60ish + take high amounts of Vit D 3x a week.
-The Amazing Race, he said he will talk about it on August 11th( my next clinic) with me (after my first 5K). He wants to see how I do with the 5K. He goes " if I don't see any photos of you collapsed on with an IV drip after the race..." hahaha.  No worries, I will drink plenty of Gatorade! :-)

ALSO I need to have people take pics of me before, during and after the race on August 4th! Dr. B wants to include a blurb about my training and the 5K in his newsletter.

Funny Story: My old Clinic didn't send much of my past information to him. I decided last month to call St. Francis Hospital directly (speak with records and have the hosptial send it all). St. Francis would have everything, surgeries, diagnosis, hospital stays, etc. Dr. B said it arrived Monday and he put on his Nurse Practioners desk...She was like "OMG seriously??" Apparently, Dr B and Lisa will busy reading about my Case history for the next few months....LOL  

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