Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vicious Cycles...

A couple awesome and beautiful cylces:

Who doesn't love the four seasons. The Cycle of Life, its a beautiful thing. And of course my favorite the Rock Cycle. Of course since I took 2 years worth of college geology classes I'm always in awe of the rock cycle. Both of these cycle are simply amazing and continue life.

And now some nasty ones:

Cycle #1:
Everyone loves weekends and in some ways I agree... I don't work on weekends and I usually have something planned that’s fun. I deliver mobile meals to the ederly (who are ADORABLE) & teach sunday school to Pre-K kids (who are ADORBLE). With lots of adobrable things on the weekends, what's not to love. Plus I'll take a quick road trip to visit someone, hang out with friends, and have people come visit me. But with weekends comes a huge dose of laziness for me. I tend to skip more meds, get hooked up to my night feeding later, resulting in less calories and less energy the next day, resulting in more laziness… oh the vicious cycle.

 Cycle # 2:
As you may know I have been having trouble getting my Vitamin D levels up. After 2 rounds of 2 weeks each of 50,000 units (1.25 Mg)of Vit. D daily. [Note: Average recommended dose for a person is 600-1,000 Units daily]. I’m taking 50,000 daily (that’s not a typo) for four weeks and it actually went down. However, I’m not too concerned other CFers have this problem and their doctors have found a way to correct it. And Dr. B has a plan. Plan B goes into action if my levels are not up next week. But "Hakuna Matata" - we'll figure out eventually!

 But thought I would share this: I was frustrated at my Vitamin D, so I did what anyone would do and googled it. I went onto every CF site, read a ton of articles, and I came to this conclusion: My Poster of an annoying CF cycle (especially my bone density is decreasing)!

ps. Getting blood tested again Saturday! Now to go jog! :-)

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