Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crazy, Busy days...

So the last week has been crazy.

Between babysitting,websites uploads, hmwk for real estate exam, my online politics course (pre-req for Grad School), play rehearsals 5 nights a week, and trying to train for a 5K... I've been pretty busy.

I have been failing a little at keeping up with my meds. I haven't been doing all 4 in the morning and have been doing 2 instead of 3 in the evenings. I think its crazy that people say "Wow, how do you do it all". I don't. simply one area of my life tends to get left behind a bit. Yes, sadly that is therapies this time. I'm refusing to skip my entire morning meds or evening meds when I'm rushed though, since that's when I tend to continue skipping.

Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and today i will have done them ALL! YAY!  But Tuesday and Thursday I skipped 3 each day.  I'm not perfect, nobody is, but I am honest. I can tell the difference in my breathing. Plus, the air around my place was really hard to breathe in yesterday (sadly, a 12 unit apt complex across the street was on fire and firefighters fought it for 4 hours, before all the fire was out).

I'm going to have to start jogging in the morning instead of night, with our Hairspray performances starting Thursday night! I'm sooo nervous I won't be ready for the 5K, my jogging/walking hasn't improved much in the last 2 weeks (probably due to lack of therapies and being tired when getting home from rehearsals).

But I will just keep with it and try my best. That's all I can do! And we will see what happens!

ps. In Hairspray I tap dance in jail ---------> here is a glimpse! Its kinda of amusing, but intense at the same time. LOL (if you are new to my blog, I'm in teal)

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