Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hairspray, WOW! THANKS!


The show went great, sold out every performance, the audience loved it, and I LOVED IT EVEN MORE!

its late, but I wanted to write this now. This may be corny, BUT here it is:

Despite my stomach tube problem and liver issue, I kept my health at top level. This is because nobody acted weird when I did my meds. It didn't bother any cast member and some even reminded me to do them! Thank you for helping me continue my upward trend in health and lung function! It is crucial at this point in my life to really keep on top of it and gain as much function as possible now! I'm at 58% and I my goal is to reach 70%, I want to kick Cystic Fibrosis's Booty! So I never have to make the decision of whether to have a transplant or not!

Cast of Hairspray: In general, thank you for letting me share about everything. By telling people I have CF and doing my meds while at the theatre, I can my health up! Usually, I crash and burn for a few weeks after shows and have to play catch up with my lung function and weight. I lost a bit of weight, but my lung function is still at the same as when we started! Shout out to all the girls!  On the tech night that my Stomach tube busted,  Cheyanne took me to make up room and helped me tape it up. Dominic took me to Walgreens during intermission to get more gauze. Kelli  would leave the chair by the outlet/wall open for me, because she knew I had to plug my therapy machine in! Jessica and Savannah always had my back when it came to anything. Whether it was keeping me company during my meds, or helping me do stuff (during liver problems). I could seriously write something about every single person in the cast. THAT is how amazing you all are!

First of all, Thank you to Doug: In the past, I didn't feel comfortable telling directors (one's that don't know me from childhood) about my medical problems. In most plays I have concealed it from directors, etc. (For fear of not being cast in other shows, because of it being a "hassle") In Champaign and other cities I have always hidden it and my health suffers due to it. Doug, you always understood and you were an amazing Director. You are the first director I have told out of choice that I have medical problems. Usually, a friend will blab I have Cystic Fibrosis. But in this case, I wasn't scared to! You understood and never judged! Thank you for casting me in this show! Engle Lane has truely made me feel welcome and If I get the chance I will glady commute from Princeton to Streator again!

My Carpool: I love you all. Seriously, Dom I'm sooo glad I got to be a part of another show with you! I hope we have the chance again in the near future! Danielle and Zach, I can't believe we just met this summer, I have had soo much fun, I feel like I have known you both much longer! The car rides were equally as fun as the practices! Zach, thnx for helping me the last week, when I was having liver issues. <3 my carpool!

Gail: I have never had someone take the time to see if my costumes show my stomach tube. You wanted to make sure I felt comfortable. You are such a sweetie, thank you for all your help!

Seriously, I doubt the Cast of Hairspray  will ever really know what they did for me! They welcomed me in, never judged, and showed more support than I could have ever imagined! I really hope to do more shows at Engle Lane! And maybe, by next year I will be at 65% lung function and even MORE healthy!

Thank you very much!  Love!

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