Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm not a Mummy anymore!

I'm not a Mummy anymore!

A couple posts ago I discussed how once in a while my joint gets so stiff I feel like a mummy (like I had been wrapped up so tight I can't move). Last night, the spots on my legs reached there worst point (in the last 4 days). However, I saw Dark Knight Rises and then had people over at my house, so I basically sat around most of the time (which is good). The spots started to go away around midnight and by 4am (when I woke up briefly) they were gone. I decided to get a bit of jogging in, incase they came back. I did a mile, then slept again. I, off and on, napped and did website work all day.

I slept so much today that now I'm awake at 11:30pm. However, after I blog this I'm going to try and sleep, so I can get back to my regular routine.

I'm so glad that I can move again. My CF-related Arthritis makes CF hard to fight. When I can't move, I'm more prone to skipping meds, not getting up to eat, not jogging, and most nights fail to make my stomach feeding.

I need to figure out at a way to keep up with my health routine while I have my arthritis flare ups. I know some CFers take pain meds, but I don't want to have to rely on pain meds. I had my share of pain meds in 2003 (when we found out I was deathly allergic to morphine) to last me a lifetime.

I'm ashamed I failed at taking care of myself that last fews days due to my liver issues, but it's the truth. I need to keep reminding myself that by not getting up and dealing with the pain, my CF is winning 1 battle with me. AND i refuse to let that happen.

I will be stronger next time. I do better each time and have been learning how to deal with stuff while living on my own.  I thought all those years I had roomates I was totally independent, but its a lie. My roommate, Stacey, helped me a lot. <3 you Stacey!

Live and Learn. I have more to learn, but each day I learn more and more.

(Below: pic of spots earlier yesterday/beginning stage spots)

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