Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Loved my Weekend with Dan!

Weekend with Dan!

This weekend was my friend Spencer's Wedding. Which is in the town next to where my friend Dan lives. So I drove there Friday and stayed with Dan this weekend!

I had a lot of fun! I always do when I'm hanging out with Dan! Even though we were pretty busy and had lots of fun, I still made time for my meds and even got a jog in! The street he lives on has a ton of historic homes and I loved looking at them, and even ended taking some pictures!

The wedding was really fun too! Spencer and Kayla came out into the reception hall singing to each other, pretty darn cute! It was nice seeing everyone! Dan and I got to swing dance quite a bit too! I had a great weekend last weekend and I know next weekend will be just as eventful!

Next weekend is my first 5K, then I'm driving to Peoria to attend a Bags Tournament that Dream Factory is hosting, I'll help out there, then head to Champaign-Urbana! My friend Alex is musical director for Rent! So I'm going to that and hanging out with my old roomie, Stacey, before she moves to Kansas City! I'm also going to stop on my way home at my friend Sarah's!

Busy,Busy, Busy. But fun,fun,fun!

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