Monday, July 16, 2012

My 2am jogs.

The other night's (technically morning) 2am jog.

I got home from a Cast Party last Saturday night pretty late, but still had lots of energy. I decided to jog. In Feb. my Doc. told me I should start jogging or cycling. I've always been envious of those who could run. I always wanted to be a runner. When I was younger it was hard to know my limits. Now, if I'm jogging I know if I can push more or need to stop.

I  started just walking a mile, then 2, then 2.5, then 3. I walked 4 nights a week from Feb-beginning of April. Then in April I would speed walk and put bits of jogging in here and there. In May, I started running a mile a couple nights a week and walking the other nights. In June, I started to jog/ walk 2 miles four times a week. And finally last week I started walking/ jogging the full 3.1 miles (5K).

at 2am on Sunday I jogged (& walked for a few seconds, when tired) a 33 minute and 12 second 5K. I still think my route may be off a bit. But that is only because I can't believe I did it that fast. I'm not going to be able to jog tonight, since I'm babysitting tomorrow morning at 5am. But Tuesday night, I'm trying it again!

I hope I do the same and it wasn't a fluke of some sort.

My legs hurt 2 miles into it really bad (It takes tons of stretching for me, because of my cerebral palsey, etc) but I knew I only had one mile left and I wanted a good ending time. I'm very competitive, so I'm using my Uncle's 5K time as a goal. I want to keep up with him in November during the Turkey Trot. We'll see.

When I get done, my lungs are on fire and I cough tons, I'm sure the whole neighborhood can hear me (panting like dog while running and coughing afterwards). But most people in town, know I have CF so it's no big deal.

I'll keep you posted on my Wednesday 2 am Jog time too! I'm sooo excited to see if I improve at all before August 4th (my first official 5K run)!

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