Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My passport came! How to travel:

I got my passport today!

I get to travel with my two uncles to New York, to Niagara Falls, and into Canada in August! I'm so excited! I can't wait! I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas last fall and up to Minnesota (Mall of America) in December! It had been years since I had traveled. I use to thinking traveling would be really tough.

Its not as tough as I thought. I carry my machines in a carry-on case (so I don't lose them and they do not get broken). Pills, feeding bags, needless syringes, medical tape, and all other non liquid medical stuff goes in the carry on. Oh, and snacks of course! (YUM)

All liquid medication (breathing treatment meds, and feeding cans)all go in the big suitcase. I pack 4 cans of feeding per night (they add up quickly). 

Tip:  I pack ensure or high calories snacks for during the day (I tend to burn more calories on vaction than at home) And as I use my feeding and medication up I have more room in suitcsae for souvenirs! Drink a lot and wear light colored clothing (if going somewhere warm). (CFers tend to dehydrate fast) I know I always dehydrate pretty fast when in the sun.

I'm always nervous that security at the airport is going to think all my meds, equipment, wires, cords, etc are "fishy" looking. So I take proof of medications and other documents needed to explain my medical condition when going through security, which I usually have to do. (The poor kid working the security at the airport last time, looked soo confused, he had no idea how to pack it back up after they took stuff out, so he asked me to do it...lol)

I think the reasons why I have loved going on vacation in the last year was I learned a lot of the enjoyment comes from WHO you go with! I prefer going with family or close friends. I'm not a fan of big group vacations, or even camps with lots of people that I don't know well. Its harder to feel comfotable for me.

(side story: a few years ago I went to a weekend retreat with an organization I was active in during college and the first night It was really awkward for me. A girl in the room (a room with 15 girls sleeping in bunk beds) starting loudily complaining about a noise she heard. She kept saying comments like "Oh my gosh that is sooo annoying who phone is going off, seriously they have it on vibrate still, they need to turn it to silent if people are going to text." She went on further to say it was going to keep her up all night and a few others agreed even... When the other girls agreed..I felt really bad. They meant my feeding pump. It makes a whoosing sort of sound. I've gotten used to it, but it was driving them bonkers. I quickly turned it off and waited a little bit.  Then (in the dark, when nobody could see me) I got my machine and my cell phone and went into the other room. So I slept on the floor in the great room, on top of my blanket and woke up two hours earlier to make sure nobody would see me. Very awkward weekend. lol)

Make sure you are COMFORTABLE with whoever you are going with and plan ahead! Make sure whoever you are traveling with knows what to expect. Ending up in an awkward situation like mine is not fun. I didn't want to tell the girls and make them feel bad. And I didn't want to keep anyone up.

Prepare for you treatments. I don't plan my days out on vacation, but I know when I need to do meds and a couple hours beforehand I figure out how to fit them in!

Traveling can be lots of fun! Keep your meds organized and keep on top of doing everything that will keep you healthy. I had tons of fun last year on vacation (with some friends) and I'm really excited to go with my Uncles too, they obviously know all about my CF and I always have an exciting time when I am with them! Plus, I have never been that far east or up to Canada! Well my meds are done, headed to bed for the night! G'night!

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