Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekend, gone for a few days!

This Weekend:

I will be gone tomorrow morning through Sunday, so I won't be able to blog and will have to find something equally entertaining to keep me occupied during my meds.

Today, I had a busy day; I ran errands, babysat this morning, judged theatre and interior design at the 4H fair this afternoon. I came home started packing and went back later to judge the fashion revue/show.

Of course, I come home to continue packing, but I want to pack all my clothes. I keep thinking, "oooh I might want this" or "oh, that's really cute!" Apparently, the fashion show, got my mind in fashion mode!

(packing and unpacking, packing and unpacking...)

Okay, I took out a lot of the clothes I didn't need. And I got everything into 2 bags. For a 2 night/3 day trip that sounds sad. But with Med stuff, I'm proud of my packing capabilities (Yay, for Girl Scouts).

bag on left: clothes (pjs, reg outfits, jogging outfits, cute outfit for going out), hair/tolietries (see my aussie hair spray!) pills in the mesh pocket, ipod, etc.

bag on right: big compartment: 8 cans of stomach feeding (which is why my bags weigh SO MUCH!), bags, feeding pump, tube and syringe (connector), med tape, therapy machine, accapella machine, altera therapy machine (for Cayston), nebulizer cups(4), and anything I left off the list! smaller compartment: shoes for wedding, shoes for regular, comfy cute shoes, and running shoes. (I got it down to 4 pair shoes and my flip flops that I'm wearing there!)

Just imagine, last fall when I went to Vegas I had to pack double the meds and feeding cans! Seriously, I can't imagine what a week long vacation would like (in luggage) for me! YIPES! I can barely manage my two bags, purse, and small cooler (for refrigerated meds)!

Yep, I'm all set! I'm so excited to spend the weekend with my friend, Dan! Spencer and Kayla's Wedding is Saturday, which will be lots of fun and really nice to see some friends from U of I! I haven't been to Quincy to visit Dan since Feb! At least I have a car this time, so I don't have to manage all the luggage at the train station :-)

So Everyone have A GREAT WEEKEND! and I will be back to blogging when I get back! :-) ps. keep my friend, Laura in your thoughts & prayers. She is still in the hospital, recovering well from surgery (had her port replaced), but still pretty sick!

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