Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CF isn't all tears and saddness. Get a Full Picture.

 CF and Laughing

Cystic Fibrosis can bring sad times and times of tears (like losing a close friend with CF, etc) BUT, it can bring so much joy and love. I've noticed most people love to talk about the people they meet while traveling. This is usually, because they have learned something from the person. Or the person is considered unique to them. I can do the same thanks to my Cystic Fibrosis. I may not have traveled much in my life thus far, but I have learned mountains of lessons from my CF.

[Picture right:  Me ready for surgery in 2nd grade!]

Forgive my shoutouts (but I must recognize a few amazing people)

I have met some of the most amazing doctors: Chatrath, Dr. B
Nurses: Sara & Marie (from Clinic), Lizzard, Melody (best IV stick ever), Deb, and Kris (you know a nurse is amazing if you love her after putting tubes down your nose!)
Respitory Therapists: Jeannette, Lanell, and Don (you da Man)
And Cookie Marrow (Musical Therapist- She would sing to me all the time in hospital and once I even sang to her (she was in the hospital having surgery on her foot)).

AND patients. for example:
[Picture: Me and Tubes: Meet Jennifer Weber. Jennifer was in colllege back then, early 20s. While my CF friends and I were all 8-11 years old. None of us were on oxygen, and we asked her what the tubes were. She explained she had  to be on oxygen to breath and then we gave her the nickname "tubes"! She loved joking and made us laugh a lot. She has been fortunate and has received 2 double lung transplants over time! ]

Why would I ever wish I wasn't born with CF when I got to witness life changing stories everyday. Stories of love, hope and inspiration. I saw real struggles and obstacles. I saw people perservere and love life to the fullest!

I have met many amazing kids and young adults with many diseases and disabilities, while staying/living in the hospital. Therefore, I learned empathy at a very young age. I loved/love with all my heart. (Probably, why I was a little overbearing/protective/clingy with my little sister). Sounds cheesy, but its true. I learned to help other kids in the hospital and make friends with everyone. I was the kid, whose parents became parents to all the CFers in the hospital. I learned how to love from my parents and my CF. 

I owe a lot of my character and personality to my "stays" in the hospital. Don't get me wrong, the fact I haven't been in one since 2008 and haven't been on IV meds since 2010 (*fist pump*) doesn't mean I want to stop my upward trend in health. It just means I'm thankful for the positives CF has brought me. It has made me tougher, more independent, and mostly, more loving. For once, I stop to say thank you CF.


  1. Cheriz, I loved this post. I always have found a trend among CF patients well at least on the blogger front. CF has made us who we are. We are stronger, more mature, independent, the list goes on and on. I love this about our community.

    But I know all of us cannot wait for that day when this disease is cured!! Keep fighting on Cheriz and living your dreams!!!!

  2. Thanks for a unique and positive perspective on CF.