Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First 5K is happening this time!

First 5K is scheduled

As you all know, I couldn't run in the 5K a couple weeks ago. I had a severe flare up of my "mummy disease." Dr. B is going to run a bunch of tests next time to see if it is a type of CFRA (Cystic Fibrosis related Arthritis).

Side Note: Apparently, CF thinks it is sooo special, it not only gives us secondary problems like Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoperosis, BUT None of them are the normal type of condition, they are called CF-related "Arthritis, etc." Which means our Diabetes, etc doesn't act exactly like a common diagnosis of Diabetes. Go figure.

BUT I'm doing a 5K on September 8th! Yep, a month away! yipes! I better get jogging. I wasn't able to for the last 2.5 weeks do to not being able to move very well. But that is changing now! This weekend I will start jogging again. I need to do it more without headphones. Headphones aren't allowed on the route. Which means I will hear myself breathing heavy, wheezing, gasping,etc. Which might mean I will stop more often to cough or slow down to "catch my breath."

Good news is: I know plenty of show tunes and other songs I can kinda sing in my head while running. Maybe, I will come up with another trick. I wonder if we can wear ear plugs...

So September 8th, I'm jogging (and walking when my lungs feel on fire) a 5K! YAY! If anyone wants to come watch me! Just let me know! It starts at 8am at the Metro Center in Princeton.

Side Note: ALSO My Cystic Fibrosis Walk is coming up on October 6th, please consider joining my team or donating to the cause. I'm hoping to bring a huge team this year. The more people we have, the more money we raise, the more awareness we spread! Facebook group link: HERE!

CFers: I know I have talked about getting more active before, but if you aren't walking, jogging, biking, then give it a try. Start small, and work your way up. If I can bring my lung function from 38% in Jan 2010 to 61% Aug 2012, so can YOU! Keep at it, even if it is hard at first. It will pay off!


  1. Wow Cheriz! I think that your PFT improvement is off the charts!!!! So what have you been doing to increase it by over 20%?

    Good luck on your upcoming 5K!

  2. Wish I had some great tip to share. But really, I've just been trying harder to gain weight, doing more of my therapies (I used to skip quite a few) I do albuteral 3x, hypertonic 2x, pulmo 1x, Cayston 3x a day and my vest for 30 minutes. I've been gaining weight, adding extra cans of feeding at night to my stomach pump, and have been working out/joggging to build muscle. I have a routine I follow. I'm also better about making sure I get more sleep. But yeah, I'm very happy with the results! Dr. B was beaming at my apt! and thanks!