Friday, August 17, 2012

Jobs and Cystic Fibrosis

Jobs and Cystic Fibrosis

Many Cfers and doctors have different opinions on jobs that a CFer can or can't do. Well... shouldn't do. I hate the idea of being limited in jobs, or at all. I know when I was working in DayCare all last year, my doctor wasn't too thrilled. Apparently, I can't work around cleaning products, chemicals, outdoors, in schools, in daycares,  or do heavy lifting, etc. The not working outdoors, teaching, or working in labs with chemicals, kind of killed the idea of Geology. I have over 40 hours of credit in Geology and won't use it for a career, just a hobby. Sad. after listening to jobs my doctors have told me to avoid I come up with...desk job. UGH. no offense to those who do work at a a desk job. If you enjoy it then that is great. But, I have way to much energy to sit at a desk all day. I want to be up and about,working with people. I've been thinking about jobs a lot lately, Grad School Programs, etc.

I'm still applying to Grad School Programs (4 different places). And 1 is online/long distance learning, as a back up (incase who knows what...). After going away to College, to leaving it in an amubulance, to starting college over again at a community college, getting healthy enough to try a 4 yr University again, I have learned CF is always going to "spice it up" so I had better be prepared.

I will be in my hometown for at least the next year. In the August 2013, I hope to start a Masters in Public Administration (City Management and Non-Profit Management). Until then I need to have a job or two to pay the bills and save money.

I babysat all last year, and I love the 4 kids I watched, but I need a job that pays more with less hours. So today I put in a few more applications and hope to hear something in the next week or so. And all of the jobs I applied for fit the criteria. I'm happy with them, the family will be okay with them, and Dr. B will be happy with them. Success! Now, to wait...

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