Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leaving on an Airplane, don't know when I'll be..oh, wait I return on Sunday!

YAY! Tomorrow I head to my uncles' and stay there, then Thursday morning, EARLY in the morning, we are headed to the airport! We are flying into Buffalo, NY and spending Thursday at Niagara Falls! Friday and Saturday I have no clue what we are doing! I know there is a surprise for me. But I'm not sure what it is. All I know is I'm soo excited to go!

Last Fall I went to Las Vegas with my friend Amanda! It was soo much fun and had been like decade..seriously 10+ years...since I had been on vacation (well more than wknd trips to see friends who live within a 10 hr drive, hee hee Kym!)

When I get back from my trip this weekend, I will post about it too! I just have to pack a little more when I go places and make sure to do my meds. On top of the regular, clothes, etc that most people pack

 I will also pack:
  • therapy machine
  • 5 nebulizer cups
  •  28 vials of medicine for my nebulizers
  • over 150 pills I will take during the wknd
  • 16 cans of stomach feeding
  • 2 connecting tubes
  • medical tape
  • a box of gauze
  • stomach bandaids
  •  a syringe
  • my feeding pump machine
  • 4 stomach feeding bags
This is why I need to work on building more arm muscle. With all my machines and feeding, the bags can weigh...well a lot. I'm going to have to stay on top of doing my stomach feeding. I'm down in weight to 102. I was 107 a month ago. I really want 110. Then maybe those bags won't seem so heavy. haha. We'll see if I can get 110 by my fundraising Walk for CF (join the cause: HERE- for FB group/event)

Soooo excited! love my uncles!

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