Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Mixed Up " Monday. Randomness.

"Mixed Up" Monday

Yesterday, was a day full of random stuff. Random GOOD stuff, but still. I had no car, as it is still dead in my Garage (but it's getting looked at tonight). I spent the morning hanging out with my lil cousin, then had lunch with my friend, Sarah. I finished the outline for my headboard, so it could be cut out. I then just have to paint it and attach it (a project I started over a month ago..lol). I did my meds and went to Tech rehearsal. I'm doing spotlight for Mulan Jr. Which I have never done before. I have worked with running the lightboard once, when I was in high school. But first time ever doing spotlight.

Earlier in the day, after I styled my hair for the day, I realized how boring it was to do my hair. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my short hair. Short hair looks better on me, but as you may know I never get the same hair style or cut twice. I get bored and like changing it up. With it being short, I can't braid it or anything. I never want to permanently dye my hair, then I couldn't change it. However, I had some washable dye in my cloest and I decided to throw some blue in my bangs.

Of course, Wednesday, I'm going job hunting. Therefore, all the blue will disappear on Tuesday night and reappear Thursday.

As far as job hunting, not sure where all to go, but I know I need a job! Summer almost over, so I will be done watching all the kids. Keeping fingers crosses for something. Besides babysitting, job hunting, and doing Tech, I'm going to start jogging again!

I'm hoping my medical problems will not come back. I found another 5K to do! It is at the beginning of September! Very excited to try again! Fingers crossed this one works out!

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