Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh, Balance, you are tough sometimes.

Balance: It's an issue

I have a bit of a balance issue and I'm accident prone. I'd like to blame it all on my Cerebral Palsy, but that's not always the case. I get distracted easily and stuff happens. Tonight, my parents invited me over to watch Olympics with them and my sister. I had already hooked up to my stomach feeding. So I took my pump and feeding bag (with formula in it) with me. I brought the cord incase the battery got low and headed out.

I get to Mom and Dad's, walk in and Ada has laundy out. She is folding it and putting it away. I set the pump on the coffee table, and proceed to step over the laundry baskets... FAIL. I end up tripping and as I trip my stomach tube cord gets caught. It yanks &  hurts and I freaked, my first thought was stomach tube is going to yank out. So I put both hands on my stomach tube and just start to face plant.. However, my dad happens to be sitting next to where I was headed on the couch and I end up diving into him.

The whole time I'm falling with my hands holding my stomach, I said "catch me, daddy, daddy, daddy, catch me" and he did. of course. I knew he would. [note: Yes, I said "Daddy". I, apparently, while terrified reverted to my 5 yr old self]

(picture: of feeding bag and pump/cord)

Dad is always there to save the day. Its was hilarious. But to think if he hadn't been there, I could smashed my head on the coffee table, etc.

But I've notcied even though I have tons of these moments (crashing bike into cement wall, flipping bike into bush, falling up stairs, tripping over other people's feet), the silver lining is : I'm usually lucky, someone catches me and I don't end up too injured.

I really enjoyed watching Olympics though. My sister's friend even came over to watch it. We had 5 people all shouting at the TV "go, go, stick the landing, come on" It was worse than watching football!


  1. Cheriz, I enjoy reading your posts. You have a way of bringing your sense of humor into your writing.. Or I'm assuming that's what it is, because I don't know you in person and therefore, can only assume that it your sense of humor I'm picking up on.
    Anyways, I can relate to reverting back to the "inner 5 year old" when something goes amiss. My dad knows that when "daddy" comes out of my mouth that I'm either scared or upset. Honestly, I think they secretly all know that though :)

  2. Thanks, yeah that's my sense of humor. Its a little weird, but most people laugh, so I guess it works :-) My dad did a lot for me growing up too. He's my superhero. Well, him and Dr. Umesh Chatrath! :-) Thanks and Glad you enjoy my blog (you just made my day)!