Sunday, August 5, 2012

Update on my Mummy Disease

My Mummy Disease Update:

My ankles are sore, but otherwise It's almost gone! I have two big spots left on my feet, but otherwise the spots have cleared up. I can't decide if I want them to stay away for good, or (this sounds bad) hope they come back next weekend, since I have CF clinic on Saturday! If they did come back Dr. B could see them in person. But, I don't want to deal with them anymore...ugh.

I had them July 19-21st ish, then they disappeared. Re-appeared at night on the 28th, disappeared the next day and re-appeared Friday, August 3rd. Why won't they go away for good!

I'm sorry to everyone I missed this weekend. However, the weekend turned out better than I thought, my parents drove me to my sister's apt in Peoria today. So I got to see where she lives,etc.

I'm very proud of her, she worked very hard in school at Augustana (Music Ed Major- Majoring in both Choir and Band, K-12 certified) and it paid off. After sending out only 5 job applications and doing 3 interveiws, she got offered a job the following day at one of them. BAM, Job!

I'm actually trying to find more jobs. I want to save some more money for Grad School. I hope to go to Grad school next year. I'm debating on applying this Jan or Fall semester.

We'll see. I'm glad my mummy disease is gone for now. I think if Doctors find out it's not really CF-related Arthritis, we should name it "Mummy Disease," hahaha!

Anyway that was my weekend and hopefully I will do okay at Clinic Saturday and Mummy disease will retire from my system for good! :-)

oh and I will be jogging tomorrow night!

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