Sunday, August 26, 2012

Video Blog: Life in the hospital (as a child)

The daily life in the hospital!

Most people cringe at the idea of a hospital. However, when I was little I never minded going into the hospital. I usually would have at least one other friend with Cystic Fibrosis to hang out with there (before we knew about the "CF Bugs"). I didn't love being sick, but I loved my CF friends that I would hang out with.

Also the hospital, nurses, and my parent's tried to make it a "normal" environment. I got up and put on cute clothes, "walked to school", flirted with a couple CF boys, did homework, came "home" (back to my room), my friends would ask my parent if I could go play with them. We'd hang out in the play room or go on a walk with one of my parents!

My dad loved taking me on walks and I LOVED going on our walks!
Here is a video blog of the route we took and bit of information on what is was like growing up (for a chunks at a time) in the hospital!

(it is posted via youtube, let is download a bit)

I hope you enjoyed the video! I took it tonight! I visited a cousin who just had a baby and decided to talk a walk down memory lane!

Feel free to ask anything about "my life in the hospital" or anything else!