Monday, September 10, 2012

All the details of my 5K

My 5K

I ran my first 5K on Saturday. I finished and that was my goal. I've been jogging over the summer, but stopped in August when I was having my "mummy disease" AKA CFRA (CF-related Arthritis). Then I went on vacation, came home and I decided to start again. So I signed up for a 5K. But I didn't get around to jogging at all before the ACTUAL 5K. Which meant sunday my legs were

Oh well, I did it, I still am in awe that I was able to finish. I had to walk the two hills (both up and down them), the hills were too much for me. But that's okay. I walked more than I had been earlier in the summer. Which means I need to get back on track. Now, my doc has me on a new med that is supposed to help more with my CFRA. I'm really hoping this new med can control it so I can continue to jog.

It took me a long time to work up to a 5K. I walked a mile in Feb every day. Then added another mile, then eventually my friend and I were walking 2.5 miles 3 times a week. In May I started adding bits of jogging here and there. Then June and July I started jogging on my own with a mile at first, then towards end of July I'd do a 3 mile jog once every two weeks and 1 mile or 2 mile jogs every other night. ( Note I can jog about 3/4 mile straight, then walk, then jog 1/2 mile, etc; I still can't straigh out jog the whole thing)


I was excited to be doing a 5K, but also nervous to be running it in my hometown. Everyone knows me there. I was worried I start coughing a ton or I'd sound like a panting dog, I was also nervous not to have my headphones!!! My headphones keep me from hearing my breathing, which I like. I keep it more steady when I don't hear it. When I can hear my breathing I psych myself out. So at the start of the 5K I'm terrified. People know me, I have no headphones, I have some family and a friend at the end waiting for me with cameras...GOOD GRAVY! So we start and at first, I keep up pretty well, but about 3/4 miles into I start falling behind the "pack" and when you reach the 1.5 mile mark you turn around and jog past people behind you. So of course, I see up head people turning around and now facing me. They are jogging closer. And I'm like "CRAP, everyone jogging the 5K in town is going to see me struggling, I'm already out of breath, half gasping (due to the chilly morning air- which really hurt my lungs), half panting,  So I'm pretty self-conscious.

But to my Surprise, everyone who knew me (and saw me) cheered me on! My friend's Dad started the positive remarks "Keep going, you got this" and it just continued, even those out of breath would say my name and wave or give me a thumbs up! I guess, my thought process was completely wrong. I should of realized nobody would judge me, I know my hometown and friends have always been supportive when it came to anything dealing with Cystic Fibrosis. I was just afraid.

Which was silly. I was surrounded by people who know me, know I have CF, and have always been there for me.


I'm hoping to run the Turkey Trot in November. Depends how my lungs do with the cold air, the chilly air last Saturday really hurt, so we will see. I will continue to run outside and see if it gets better. I'm definetly looking forward to running more 5Ks! I want my lung function to continue to climb as it has been the last year!

My CF Walk to raise awareness and funds for research for CF is coming up in LESS THAN A MONTH! it is the same distance as my 5K, but we walk at a nice leisurely pace! So please come join us! If you are walking with my team PLEASE register and set your "goal" for fundraising. It can be anything, you can try to reach a large amount or set it for what you can contribute yourself. If you have ?s contact me on Twitter, FB, or email me! Walk info: WALK WEBSITE HERE!

I will keep you posted on how my exercsie affects me and my lung function too! Next Clinic is in November!


  1. Way to go Cheriz!!!! It doesn't matter the time you did the run in it just matters that you DID it!! Congrats again and keep on running.

  2. Thanks John! And yes,I plan to keep at it!