Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Choices for Grad School

College and Choices

Undergraduate was an easy choice for me. I only applied to two schools. I knew I wanted to go to the University of Illinois. I loved it. Honestly, I fell in love with the town, the school, and the people. If they had a Grad Program that fit me, I'd apply in a heartbeat. Sadly, they don't.

U of I at Springfield has a program that fits what I want to do. I'm going into Public Administration (either City Management or Non-Profit), however, location wise, I'd rather move closer to Chicago. So now I'm looking at schools in Chicago/Burbs, Northern, etc. 

I figured I'd better start now, if I get too busy with work, classes, and other activities... Plus, midterms are coming up and my deadlines for real estate homework is soon. And before I know it the deadlines will be here and time has flown by.

a Not-so-FUN-FACT: did you know there are some cities/states that don't have Cystic Fibrosis Clinics (and some the ratings and reveiws aren't good). Which is why I'm looking mostly around Chicago area, they have better ratings and reveiws. They have better equipment and machines. Actually, some states don't have CF Clinics at all (like Wyoming). However, my doctor has a private practice for CFers, so he wouldn't be on the list of CF Care-Centers, anyway.

So my priority list may look different than that of your average person:

Top 5 factors
1. Good program
2. $ tuition
3. # of hours I drive to a GOOD CF Clinic has to be 3 hours or less.
4.  Where I'd live/Who I know/The location (fun?)
5. The rating of the nearby hospital. Less face it if I have to have surgery I wouldn't want to live in a tiny town, where the hospital doesn't do surgeries.. Eastern/Charleston was a nightmare and has taught me to be prepared.

Right Now, I'm looking at DePaul, Gov. State, Northern, and U of I at Springfield. I may add more, but for now those are the schools that have programs in P.A (non-profit/City Management). A few of those schools eve n have online and long distance programs, IF (BIG IF..lol) I decide I want to stay in Pton. I know quite a few people in the burbs and Chicago. They love it and I know I would too, BUT I'm trying to keep an open mind, perhaps I will want to stay, and perhaps I will be anxious to move to Chicago. Who knows. I have roughly 9-10 months to figure it out and a few months to get applications going.

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