Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hair Cuts and Horror Films. Random, but still my thoughts for the day!

I need a Hair cut & my experience with Horror Films.
I got up super early to finish a paper that was due, but had to be at the school by 8:00am, so I left my house at 7:20. I had been up since 5 working on my paper and I knew I wouldn't have time to do my hair. So I just let it dry naturally.

Yipes! Bad idea. My hair is short (here I will take a picture real quick of me holding out a piece of the longest parts). And you get to see my nebulizer treatment, I used the mask today, cuz the mouth piece didn't get washed last night with the first batch of med cups. Its in the batch to be washed this morning. And I'm lazy. So I decided to just use the mask. I know it looks pretty cool.

Back to my point. My hair has grown out quite a bit since I had it cut at the end of July! The problem is I can't decide what to do with my hair now. I'm getting bored of it being short, but I like how it looks short. I look more my age with short hair. When I have long hair, people think I'm way younger.
BUT,  I miss wearing it curly, when it is this short the curl looks weird. That's why I'm thinking about going back to a bob like this:

I just really miss my curls. I have to straighten my hair on any day I don't want curls and with my super short hair that means straightening it every day, or my longer-ish bangs with curl out and make lil horns...

Horror Films: it makes no sense:
Tonight, I'm going to watch old black and white scary movies with a couple friends. Haha, baby steps. I'm trying to get used to liking horror movies. Most of my friends do, including my sister, but I never have and I'm not even surewhy. I have watched about 3 newer scary movies and it went well. It is ridiculous I get scared. I can go through any medical procedure, change my own stomach tube, and have been awake why they threaded a hook up through a vein (starting in my leg that went all the way up to my chest). It felt like live worms were crawling up my vein, it was kinda cool, but is creepy at the same time. So why can I not watch horror films. It is a ridiculous thing. I'm going to change it starting NOW, well after I get off work.


  1. Maybe you don't like horror films for the same reason I don't... you know they are not REAL so they seems silly & boring, nothing like the REAL horrors you've been through & seen, right?

    Not to mention, that when you watch them & get scared, you end up freaking yourself out by telling yourself you're not scared, & there's no scary clown under your bed waiting for you to fall asleep so it can cut your pinky toes off to use in some scary soup...

  2. thanks for posting. and hahaha. maybe. You could be right about seeing real horrors and add that to my imagination...Makes sense. But last night we watched a zombie movie, I forget the name now, but It was ok. I am very analytical when watching movies. I love movies, even highly predictable ones. However, its the movies that make me think or change how I feel that I really enjoy. I like learning from a movie.