Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Back and Ready to Blog

I'm Back from Vacation and Ready to Blog!

Yep, I'm officially home! I was gone for the last 5 days. That is probably the longest gap in my blogs in months. I was super busy before I left on Wednesday!! I had class(30 mins away), job interview, and errands to run before heading to my uncles.  I stayed the night there, since we headed out at 4am for the airport on Thursday. We arrived in Buffalo, NY and checked into our hotel! Then we headed off to Canada to view the falls from the Canadian side. We spent the whole day on there, walking, taking pics, doing different attractions. We went on the Maid of the Mist (on the boat you feel like your right under the falls) and we got soaked, it was such phenomenal views of the falls though (especially the horseshoe)!
Then Friday we drove to Lockport, NY and took a tour of the Erie Canal (35-lock Canal). It was really neat hearing about the history and traveling up and down the canal. Being right up close to the gates, it felt a little like Wizard of Oz, because there is a guy who operates the lock. So there is a gate master and the huge doors open... I was half expecting a there to be singing, dancing, and a horse, or in this case "boat of a different color"... Lockport was a beautiful little town. I fell in love with it.


Then Friday evening we headed north in Buffalo for my "surprise." My uncles told me they had a surprise for me. And I was sooo excited when I found out it was a tour of the Martin House! It was astounding walking through a home that Frank Lloyd Wright had put so much work into. I could write a whole blog on the house and FLW, but instead if you want to hear details about the house, just ask me sometime!  Then Friday night we ate at Merge, a vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant, which was my favorite meal. However, this is when I noticed my spots on my legs came back.  Luckily the “Mummy Disease” didn’t really affect me like it normally does, so it didn’t interrupt our plans for the rest of the weekend.
 Saturday, we spent the beginning half of the day at Niagara Falls on the American Side (where it is more natural and park-like.) We did the Cave of the Winds tour. Where you go down in the elevator 120 ft and follow ramps, decks, and stairs out around the bottom of the falls. At one point on the deck you can stand near the rail and get drenched by the fall (which if you look up looks like it is falling n you).

 Then we went back over to Canada to drive up North to the Botanical Gardens, we did a carriage ride through the grounds and then walked through a couple gardens( rose, herb, vegetable). We went into the Butterfly Garden, which had over 2,000 Butterflies. My Uncle Dan got tons of pictures of the butterflies and a really cool picture ofa butterfly on me!
Then we ate a the Casino and walked around Canada (where we witnessed a man tightrope walking above buildings).  Sunday morning we headed to the Buffalo Marina, where we toured 3 ships (including one submarine). This was unbelievable. The tour was self-guided along a painted line on the floor. There were signs and explanations about the ship, crew, and lifestyle.  Reading about the men and the challenges they faced, especially reading the Veteran’s Stories posted in the museum afterwards really tugs on your heartstrings. The one ship was renamed after 5 brothers who were all aboard the same ship, when the ship took a hit, a good majority of the ship exploded. 4 of the 5 brothers died. The 5th and oldest brother managed (while severely wounded) to get onto a raft. However, after two days of floating and bleeding, he passed away.  I can’t imagine losing my sister (let alone if there were four of her) in an explosion I witnessed, then floating for two days. I can’t imagine the grief this man felt for the 48 hours before he passed away.  

It was sad, but amazing to hear about the bravery these men had and the challenges they overcame. I would recommend anyone who goes to Niagara Falls, visit the Buffula Marina (about 30 minutes away). It is worth the time and money! It was a great way to end our trip too. After this we headed for the airport and flew back! I had an amazing time with my uncles, but I always do.  I’m glad I got share such amazing memories with them.  ps. Everywhere you look at Niagara there are rainbows! This one was the brightest one I saw!

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