Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding and Wedding.

Tonight's Weddings!

Today/Tonight I had two weddings. My cousin's was first. It was in Peoria and it had a nice break between the wedding and reception. Which was the perfect amount of time for a Starbucks Stop. YUM! Then my family went to my cousin's reception. We then left to drive an hour and 10 minutes to the next wedding. Of course, Ada and Mom drove in  Ada's car from Peoria (Mom stayed in Peoria for 2 days visiting my sister) and I drove Dad to the reception, cuz Mom had their van. It was weird us driving our parents and in seperate cars. But it is nice having one-on-one chat time with Dad.

At my cousin's wedding, there were soooo many family members I wanted to catch up with!I talked a lot(shocker...I know...LOL). However, I tend to lose my voice quite often (1. when I talk too much and don't have enough sleep, and when I start a nebulizer-TOBI). Of course, today I did all 3. I stayed up late last night with some friends, then started the nebulizer today, AND I talked a lot at the reception.

 [Truth Moment: I missed my afternoon and evenings therapies, but sometimes it just happens. I allow it for certain events (very rarely). But tomorrow, I'm doing them ALL! ]

Dad and I get in my car (to leave the first reception) and I tell him "I don't think I'm going to be able to talk the rest of the night, if I want my voice back for work tomorrow." Dad's Response: "YES! (fist pump).  Of course, he had to listen to my music the whole time, since we were in my car :-)

Both Weddings were very fun and beautiful! I was excited to see my sister and give her the little gift I got her when I was on vacation. Plus, I got to wear my dress (it was a present and I hadn't had a chance to wear it yet), I got to talk to relatives I hadn't seen in years, AND I got to dance with cutest guy at the reception,
(note: he is 4 yrs old and calls me "sheesh") I miss babysitting the lil guy.  He was ADORABLE singing Michael Jackson songs! He really got into dancing too!

Great Day, Great Weekend! and hopefully my voice will come back for work tomorrow! Congrats to Jessica and Nick and Allison and Jerad!!!!!

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