Thursday, October 4, 2012

Class and Crafts!

Class and Crafts

Sorry, I disappeared for a bit. I had lots of exams and papers due last week for my classes. I also wanted to focus on getting back on track. I discussed how I had been getting off track with my meds and everything in my last few posts.

I have been doing better. I'm still not doing all my meds everyday, but it really is quite difficult to even fit in the ones that I can do. I need to start jogging now too though. I didn't add it back into my schedule at first, for fear of adding too much.

So besides class, what have I been up to? well, when I do my meds and treatments, I have found some fun things to keep me occupied. I have been painting and organizing my scrapbooking stuff. I do some crafting too, like making picture frames, etc. My mom has been crafting a lot too lately. Well, technically she has been sewing and crocheting. We both sells some of our products at a local store called Annie's  Little Pots!

We also are doing a craft show in a couple of weeks! My mom is sooo talented and I can't sew or crochet, but I do like home decor or craft projects. Here is a link to my mom's creations if you want to see them: Mom's Creations!

So I will keep crafting and doing meds! But hopefully I will add jogging to my schedule too! I have Clinic in 1 month! :-)

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