Sunday, October 28, 2012

The moment where I was shocked, happy, and little sad all at the same time.

I had a moment like this at work tonight!

While I was at work tonight, one of the cook's asked me if there are different ways CF affects people, etc. I told that it depends on how many and which mutations a CFer has. He hesitated, and said "well, a buddy of mine had CF and passed away a few years ago."

I asked him it is was a guy named Josh, who was from around here.  He responded "Nah, it was from when I lived in the Quad Cities."

I swear my heart stopped, I couldn't be. No way, could it be my Danny? My surfer dude? (to read about Danny click HERE to go to Blog about Danny .)

I then asked if it was Danny Liedtke? IT WAS! He was buddies with Danny.

 [Background:  Danny and I weren't allowed to be around each other after they found out about the CF bugs that spread from CFer to CFer, and I lost touch with him. In college I decided to search online for him, I had hoped to see how he was, maybe be friends via internet/texting. But when I found him on Facebook, I saw that I was 3 months too late. He had passed away.]

And now, here was a guy who had been buddies with him. He told me Danny's favorite drink, that he still loved Batman, I swear I could of listened to how happy Danny was and all about how he became a Pharmacy Tech, etc, all night.

Even though in that moment I felt sad, knowing I never got to catch up with him; I was beyond happy. He lived a great life, he hadn't changed in those ten years. He still had that crazy, fun ambitious spirit! I loved hearing that.

I was left to wonder about him and his life after finding out he'd passed away, but tonight I heard some answers to questions I had always had.

The cook told me that him and Danny's best buds get together once a year to remember him and said that maybe I should come to next year. I really would love to have the chance to be part of that, to be able to toast to Danny (and the many earlier years we had together).

I couldn't believe it. What an unforgettable, crazy moment to have happen! And I'm sooo thankful for it!


  1. Im happy that you were able to have a good moment like that I so wish we could be around each other still. love yah laura

  2. It sucks not being able to give you a big hug when you are having a bad day or don't feel well! I can't wait to have another phone chat and hopefully some skype soon :-) Girl, I love you! <3