Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CF and Winter

Winter, is coming, oh no!
I love that in the winter I get to see my family and friends alot. My family gets together for holidays and most of my friends come home for a couple days at least. I love catching up and seeing everyone, BUT along with winter comes the COLD! I'm cold a lot, probably because I'm tiny and have very little insulation. It becomes freezing outside, add that to shoveling my sidewalk, driveway, and coughing more, and that is why I don't always enjoy winter.

When I start to cough more I know that I have to increase the number of meds I do a day/night. I do that to make sure to fight off whatever lung infection has started, so it doesn't turn into something I have more trouble with (something I have to go see Doc. for). So I can usually catch when I'm getting sick before it turns into pnuemonia, thanks to my cough. So I guess I'm a little thankful for my cough. It's like the warning alarm. In the warmer months no problem, I don't get sick much. However, its nice to know when it starting to happen in the winter, cuz it is harder to fight off stuff then. I've been doing pretty good for the last two years (no IV anitbiotics since 2010)! [knock on wood] ....Did you knock on some wood? I did.

The cold weather and my lungs just don't like each other. Thankfully, I have a mom who crochets every second of the day, so I have a billion scarves to wear (one to match every outfit..lol). I love my scarves! Breathing in the cold air doesn't always bother me, but when I'm sick or coughing more, it can hurt, but my mom's scarves are awesome! Right now she is creating a really cool one that will stay on, but allow me to breath while jogging (which I can't do right now, but hope to still be able to somewhat in the winter).

I always think the CFers that live in the warm states are quite genius. But even though I don't like how it feels to breathe in the winter, I still think the snow and Christmas Lights are beautiful! So to see the Christmas Lights and the snow together I can deal with it! Plus the holidays and seeing all my friends that come home (Chariss, seriously counting the days!) makes it pretty special! :-) Plus, tis the season for Hot Cocoa (yum)!

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  1. I have been living in a warm climate for 16 years now after living 12 back East and I have yet to get used to Christmas without snow. Last year I decided to go to the mountains to visit the snow and my lungs felt awful the entire time. My CF went crazy in the cold :( I guess a white Christmas just isn't for me.

    Snow or not I love hot chocolate too!