Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last week and all that jazz

Last week:

Sorry, I haven't blogged in a week! Last week was Thanksgiving! Which is my favorite holiday, I love it. This thanksgiving was really fun (like usual), I got to see all my family and I went to 3 different thanksgivings all together! I worked during the morning on Thankgiving and was very happy to see that there was still lots of food left for me at the church when I got there!

 Last week on Wed and Saturday nights (sat night was at a CF Fundraiser). I got to see a lot of good friends I haven't seen in a while. It was nice catching up with everyone and I had a lot of fun. It makes me realize how much I miss seeing everyone! I was going to blog about something different, but this blog is about my CF and that includes when I'm sick or anything goes wrong, and of course when things go amazing. So here is my new topic for today:

 I kind of noticed that over the last week I have been coughing more. I figured it was due to weather being weird and the cold, etc, maybe running around to much, not sleeping enough.

But I think I have gotten worse over the last few days. I wasn't coughing as much today, but its getting harder to breathe. So guess, I will give it a few more days and then if I'm not better I will have to break down and call Dr. B. However, He told me when he first accepted me as a patient he won't order me my antibiotics and IVS to go straight to my house, like my old doctor did. I didn't have to go see my old doctor, I know when I have pnuemonia/ a lung infection and he would let me start IVS at my house.

Dr. B says he wants to always see me to make sure its nothing major and then he will hospitalize me for at least 2 or 3 days before releasing me to do my IVS at home (which itsnice to know he really wants to make sure and he really cares, I can't blame him at all. I admire that, but ugh. hospital.) So I don't want to call him. cuz:

1. I have school, work, social life that I can't just drop for 3 days to chill in a hospital. 2. I don't have my awesome roommates to take them out of the fridge for me before they leave for work, etc. That is the hard part about IV meds at home, the hours which I have to do them. There is little time to sleep and the scheduling horrible. I'm usually on Tobra 12 hours apart and another anitbiotic every 8 hours. So scheduling looks something like this(which I think is pretty standard for most CFers):

5am: wake up take IV med out of fridge
6m: hookup Tobra & take out Pipra Med
7am un hook Tobra and hook up Pip
8am: un hook Pip
2pm: take Pip out of frdige
3pm: hook up pip
4pm: unhook
5:take Tob out
6: hook up Tob
7:un hook tob
10pm: take out Pip
11pm:hook up Pip
midnight: unhook pip and go to sleep.
but wake up at 5am....

 And fit 10 nebulizers a day, plus go to classes and extra cirriculars (I'd take off work, but make no money) and for at least 2 weeks. How did I do it in the past. I used to go on IVS 3 times a year growing up and 2times a year in college. But it has been 2 years since and to be honest I'm not sure how I did it at U of I. I was on IVs constantly doing Urinetown. I had classes everyday and 4 hours rehearsals. How did I do that? No idea. Anyone remember? or CFers tips? I know I can do it, but tips wouldn't hurt :-)

Maybe I should buy a bigger calendar :-)

Hopefully, I can beat this on my own doing all my meds and everything and it doesn't become more serious. I have fought off stuff myself before. So it could be one of those amazing moments and I won't have t call Dr. B at all. We'll see what the end of the week brings! Hopefully in a few days I will be reporting some great news on my blog that tah-dah I'm doing great! Only time will tell.

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! I really did!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the oncoming illness. Drink lots of fluids and wear cute scarves when you go outside. Hope to hear you're better soon.