Monday, November 12, 2012

Most Unproductive Day or .Most Productive Day...

My unproductive/productive day: depending how you look at it!

Sure, I didn't run errands, or even make my bed today. I sat around and watched a marathon of movies all day with friends. And when I say all day, I mean 8:30-9pm... But it was a blast! I got there a lil late, because of a breakfast date with a friend. We decided to watch all three Lord of the Ring Movies and then go see Wreck It Ralph in the theatre. By the way, Wreck It Ralph is flippin' adorable and I loved it!

I may not have cleaned, cooked, grocery shopped, worked, had class, or did anything remotely productive; however, I did do my meds. Yep, I brought all my machines (well not the Vest, it’s too big and heavy). I did two albuterols, 2 hypertonic sols, and two Caystons. Now, while blogging I am doing what I have left for the day, albuterol, pulmozyme and last cayston.

It was nice to do all my meds. I didn't do many on Saturday or Sunday, since I was gone all day on Saturday. I came home on Sunday and I had a baby shower, followed by work. I did a few after work. But I can really tell a difference when I skip.

Which is interesting...When my lung function was way lower in 2010 I didn't notice the difference when I skipped meds. Now that I'm at 61% not even doing one batch of meds in the morning can make it harder for me to breathe. I guess my breathing has gotten so much better, that now I can notice smaller declines. It drives me nuts being able to feel the difference. However, it keeps me accountable (so between that and my friends, my blog, and own personal will power, I have been doing sooo many more).

I hope it makes a difference at Clinic. I'm always terrified that at Clinic my number won't represent the hard work and that I will remain at the same lung function. That would be horrible! Then wait a whole 3 more months to see if it is still the same... I know at some point I will reach the highest amount of function I can have, due to the damage that is already done. But I'm thinking and hoping it’s in the high 70s, if not 80s. So fingers crossed for 63% on Saturday!


  1. It's interesting that you can have your clinic appointments on a weekend, I'd love that! My doctor is only available one or two days a month and is usually booked for a couple months. Good luck this weekend, can't wait to hear the results! :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome day. Sometimes the days when you just stop and hang out with friends count more than getting all of the chores done.

  3. I know Colleen, I love it! He has a Private Practice for Respiratory Care, specializing in Cystic Fibrosis and Asthma Patients. Since he decided to start his private practice, he is available all the time. I can go any Tues, Thurs, or Friday. He schedules Cfers with asthma patients in between. On wednesday, he has all asthma patients and his one patient with Cepacia B, so I can't go on Wednesdays. But he knows CFers can't skip work/school all the time, so he has CF Saturday once a month. from 8am-2pm. Love it!

    Kym: I know, its kinda like when we were younger and would spend entire days playing, but would always save time for doing my nebs. :-) Besides chores can wait for amazing days with friends.