Thursday, November 29, 2012

No IVs for me!

No IVs for me, thanks!

First off, Let's clap, BECAUSE it has been 2.5 years since I have needed antibiotics, oral or IV (other than my bi-weekly dose of zithromax). Literally, I have not been ill enough to see my doctor in 2.5 YEARS! That's amazing. I used to get really sick every couple months, but thank goodness, that hasn't been the case. Although I have been working my butt off these past two years to get healthier, guess it is working.

I was really nervous Dr. B would throw me in the hospital because I've beeen sick for a week and lost quite a bit of weight. However, he is having me take Cipro instead! I'm taking the usual (for me that is) 1,500 mg daily for two weeks! If I'm not feeling better & eating better by Saturday, he is going to add prednisone;Which I have never taken before. My mother was on an extremely large dose after she went through Chemo for a while and seeing the side effects kinda freaked me out a bit, but my dose will be small. And I trust Dr. B will mske great choices, other CFers have discussed prednisone before online, but my old doctor never brought it up. Not sure why.

Anyway, I'm hoping I will feel better by Saturday and not have to add that to the already 20 some pills and 10 nebulizers ( and he wants me to to do 3-4 more a day, so 13-14 nebs) that I do each day. At least I'm done with Cayston and I'm on Tobi now.

Note: I do Cayston one month and Tobi one month. I alternate them, but Cayston is 3 times a day and requires a different neb machine. Its quicker to do the neb, but the cleaning and 3 x a day routine makes it harder to fit them in. With Tobi, I can do it before school and after I come home from whatever I'm doing. Which means I only have to take albuteral and hypertonic saline and that machine with me during the day, no traveling  refrigeration needed.

Since I haven't felt good lately, I have been slacking on cleaning, and I'm a VERY organized (neat freak if you will) person. My beds haven't been made in a week, my dirty clothes keeping piling up in my basket, and I haven't vaccumed, dusted, swept, ugh.  I want to get this done this week, so I can finish decorating for Christmas!

I have a TREE this year. Since I rent my duplex I wasn't sure if I could bring in a real one, so I bought a fake one last year on clearance! I'm sooo excited to put it up!

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