Sunday, November 4, 2012

De-Hospitalizing our Rooms..

De-Hospitalize your room:

Random fun story:
Here is one my favorite moments a friend has done for me:

I have one friend when I go to visit, they know to move the living room coat stand next to my bed, so I can use it as an IV pole to hang my stomach feeding on. It makes me smile.

-Also, note CFers, coat hangers sticking out of drawers, off doors, window sills, etc all work just as well! I ditched my IV pole years ago and couldn't be happier.

My room looks like a bedroom and less like a hospital now. Once I get my new vest machine that will be 1/3 the size of the one I have, then I will be REALLY happy. Plus, there is a company that makes decals/covers for the machines, so we can personalize them/change the color.

I keep pills and feeding pump pushed behind picture frames, and keep my therapy machine under my desk. My supplies I keep in the closet. I'm little bit of an organizational freak. I guess I sort of have to be, so that way I keep track of my meds, supplies, expiration dates. I run my house a little like a store.  Closer expiration dates move forward, new supplies put in back. Keep dates marked when they need to be ordered, etc.

With everything being organized though, it makes it easier to "hide" my medical crap. I don't mind people seeing it, I just to don't want to feel like I'm in the hospital in my own room.

Although: When I was like 11 or so, we did a badge for Girl Scouts; we had to make a movie about helping someone, etc. We did a movie where the Girl Scouts visited a sick kid in the hospital. The prop phones may have been plastic and fake, but we had some kick-ass medical equipment. Including IV, IV pole, oxygen mask and tubing, etc. Oh and guess who played the sick kid....haha of course.

So Medical stuff did come in handy for my theatrical side.

Now, to finsish making my headboard, so I can put it up! Then my room will have a lot more personality!

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  1. Great post!! Right now my dining room table looks like a hospital with all my meds (oral and IV) and IV flushing "stuff".