Thursday, December 13, 2012

Roller Coaster Effect.

Roller Coaster Effect:

Yay, I'm better and I've been eating more. That is a big key to my knowing I'm doing better. A couple nights ago, while I was at school, I had one of those "seizure type" episodes.  I don't call them seizures, because people automatically freak out and ask me if I start shaking on the floor. 

No, I haven't had any grand mal seizures since I was very little. The seizures I have now are related to my brain freaking out because it isn't receiving enough oxygen. I'm just told to breathe deep and focus on breathing to make them go away. Monday's wasn't that bad. I could stand, walk, and still respond to people. I was just on a very slow speed. It would take a while for things to process, my vision got blurry, and I was dizzy and a little numb.

 Usually, I end up on the floor since my body goes completely numb, I can barely see, and I'm so dizzy I just cling to the floor ( It reassures me I'm on the ground and not moving). Communicating during them takes me a bit of effort.

However, before class was starting I could tell I was getting a little better, so I was pretty sure I would be okay. However, seizures completely drain me. Like I wanna pass out for the next two days drain me. Luckily, it wasn't a full blown seizure, so i didn't sleep away two days and I was able to go to work, etc the next day!

I'm not sure how many other CFers have seizure disorders or if they have similar experiences, but I wish the doctors knew exactly what causes them, so I can avoid whatever it is! Anyone (CFers) ideas?

Having medical problems/episodes always remind me how lucky I am to be so loved.  For example, I don't remember the medical crisis, or the pain, I remember the love. my 2003 hospital scare, I don't rmember how much it hurt, I remember waking up to my friend Michelle sleeping on the concrete floor, cuz she wouldn't let go of my hand. That may be the worse night I have ever had medically, but because she came with my mom at midnight, drove 3 hours to see me and was there when I woke up, it became a memory I love and cherish. My medical problems constantly remind me how lucky I am, I have so many amazing family members and friends! Love them all!

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