Friday, December 21, 2012

Resolutions,Theatre, and Dance!

Theatre, Show Choir, etc:

I'm so glad I decided to get involved with theatre this year! I did theatre in high school, throughout the community, at College (U of I). However, in 2011 I didn't do a single show. Which I usually do 2 a year, so I really missed it. I'm so glad I decided to do Hairspray this summer, because it made me realize how much theatre is a part of my life.

Because I realized I need to keep performing, I did show choir this fall, and in the spring I'm auditioning for at least 1 show! Next summer, I hope to produce, choreograph, or direct a show.

I'm not sure where I will end up for my Graduate Program, but no matter where it is, I'm going to get involved with theatre. I hope to do more Improv and Stand-Up Comedy too. Doing Show choir makes me realize how much I miss dance too. I really miss doing ballet, tap, swing dancing etc.

I should look into taking more classes!!! I taught my mom a shuffle ball-change step, and a times step. And the other day caught her doing them randomly. I loved it!

I know getting back involved with dance will help me medically too. First of all it is a work out for my lungs, but it is good for my muscles too (which are always tight, due to my cerebral palsy).

I'm thinking about making a New Year's Resolution this year. Like at least doing 5 (out of my 9) nebulizers a day, and jogging 3 x a week. BUT I may have to add dancing in there somehow. My resolution seems big, but I should be doing all things anyway. I've never really made a resolution in the past, it seems silly, since people never really follow them. However, I need to get into gear and bring up my lung function and weight (which is 98 lbs... sad face). Goal 1: Gain 10 lbs and bring up my lung function 4% by Feb.

I may not always reach my goals, but by remembering I have them it keeps me focused more.

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